Monday, February 13, 2017

Give money to NOM so that Trump will be even more erratic

Brian S. Brown
Were there only an award for Chutzpah. Brian S. Brown and the insolvent National Organization for Marriage would be up there with the best of them — or worst — depending upon your point of view. The latest brown object to hit my inbox is titled “Sean Spicer Gets Religious Liberty. But Will President Trump Act?” It begins:
The other day, presidential spokesman Sean Spicer was asked about protecting religious liberty, and he nailed his answer. Spicer told the media that religious liberty is not just about being able to believe your faith’s teachings, but to live them out in your daily life.
Whatever the hell that means it does not translate into the special right to disobey state and municipal nondiscrimination laws. And if it did? Sorry but Trump is limited to the federal government and he has already extended workplace and federal contractor employment nondiscrimination rules by sustaining President Obama's executive order. Trump is erratic and impulsive. Who knows what he could do tomorrow or the next day? However, for the next Twitter-hour, Trump has decided to make nice.

Let's have an obligatory helping of victims:
Across this country, people have been punished, persecuted and harassed by various levels of government simply for living out their beliefs in their daily lives. The Little Sisters of the Poor have been targeted by the government for not providing coverage for drugs they find morally offensive. The fire chief of Atlanta was fired for writing in a book that he supports marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A florist in Washington state is being sued by the state's Attorney General simply because she did not want to personally participate in a same-sex 'wedding' ceremony.
The Sisters can take up their case with Trump. The bigoted fire chief and the bigoted florist are shit out of luck. And for the love of dog, no one believes that selling flowers means that one is “participating” in a same-sex wedding that they disapprove of. Brown and his ilk might believe it but they are religious zealots. Normal people? I do not think so. And by the way, they have been talking about the same goddamned florist for four goddamned years. This are only a handful of these noisy crackpots.

Add some hyperbole to spice things up for good measure:
President Trump can take a major step forward for religious liberty and the principles his press spokesman articulated to the national media by signing an Executive Order that will protect supporters of marriage from being targeted by the federal government. Thousands of people have signed NOM's petition to the Trump Administration and we call on him to sign this order forthwith.
Hell, I'm a “supporter of marriage” and I don't feel targeted or threatened by the federal government. To whom has that applied I wonder?

Brown gets out his mental Etch-A-Sketch to oh-so-cleverly connect the dots:
It's time for NOM to ramp up public attention to the religious liberty issue by mobilizing thousands more Americans to contact the President and request that he issue the pending Executive Order on religious liberty. Will you help us reach more citizens by making a much-needed financial contribution today?
They need money to do what? Send out some email? So that those people will do what? Sign some petitions?

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