Friday, February 17, 2017

Gotcha FRC and ADF - Using the gay to cover up a regulatory violation

Donald Vander Boon
Is Donald Vander Boon another holier-than-thou liar?
I suspected that there was some BS associated with the Vander Boon matter. Don Vander Boon is a Michigan meat packer. He is also a conservative Christian and a client of Alliance Defending Freedom. According to Tony Perkins of Family Research Council:
While [USDA] officials were touring the plant, they noticed a handful of brochures on the breakroom table about natural marriage. As Don tells it, the article was mixed in with the stacks of newspapers celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision redefining marriage. Even so, the on-site officers took offense to the literature, walked into Don's office, closed both doors, and told him they'd call off the inspection if the material wasn't removed. He was stunned. "From the very beginning, we started the business in faith, and made it clear to employees that we run our business according to Christian principles." But, he said, the company was in an impossible situation. "Within a few hours, I'm being threatened with the closure of my business. [And] if the USDA removes its inspectors, then I'm immediately unable to operate."
This goes on and on with a petition to Donald Trump for a religious freedom executive order. Shocking I know but the USDA has a different version of events that seem to coincide with the time of the alleged incident:

Dear Mr. Vander Boon:

This letter confirms verbal notification provided to you by Dr. Tamara Davis, Deputy District Manager, on August 15, 2015, at approximately 1405 hours EDT, of the FSIS intent to withhold the marks of inspection and suspend the assignment of inspectors from your slaughter process at West Michigan Beef Co., LLC, establishment M1816, located at 3007 Van Buren Street in Hudsonville, Michigan. This action is based on your establishment's failure to effectively implement humane methods of slaughtering and handling of animals in a manner that complies with the regulatory requirements prescribed by the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) and Humane Methods of Slaughter Act (HMSA). Your establishment has been determined to be in violation of Title 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations (9 CFR) sections 313.15(a)(1) and (3) regarding the humane slaughter of livestock. The Rules of Practice, 9 CFR 500.3(b), specify that FSIS may impose a suspension without providing prior notification if it is determined that an establishment is handling or slaughtering animals inhumanely.
You can read the letter in full at the link provided above. Now I cannot be certain but it looks to me like Vander Boon is trying to get away with a regulatory violation by claiming that the inspectors are biased. Perkins' narrative and ADF's video appear to be re-fried bullshit.

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