Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hate group leader exploits the "membership" shtick

Brian S. Brown
In an email to supporters Wednesday, Brian S. Brown, leader of International Organization for the Family (aka World Congress of Families) is seeking members. Apparently people like to be “members” of hate groups in contrast to simply being donors. We call them “enablers” along with a few other choice words. It's hard to imagine that this kind of appeal actually works. Brown has been using it for his other gig — the insolvent National Organization for Marriage. In a NOM email yesterday, Brown said that he was in Moscow where I am certain he has a receptive audience for his bigotry. But today:

I hope you have followed our recent communications outlining the work of the International Organization for the Family. I'm in the midst of a trip in eastern Europe meeting with civil society leaders in Russia and several other countries to promote the Cape Town Declaration, an international decree in support of marriage and the natural family. We're hard at work organizing the World Congress of Families XI in Budapest, which kicks off in May. We're also working on a number of regional conferences, including several in Africa, the cradle of civilization and a stronghold of support for the natural family. And, we're working behind the scenes to promote pro-family policies in international bodies like the UN, and at home with the incoming Trump Administration.
This is all motion without purpose. However it is not benign. Brown and his ilk, with the support of the Catholic Church and, presumably, the Russian Orthodox Church spread ignorance, fear, superstition and intolerance. For the most part it is predicated on the thoroughly discredited and pernicious idea that being LGBT is a lifestyle choice. The Defenders of the Faith™ accept and promote that BS irrespective of social and medical sciences. In other words all of this purposeless motion depends upon the willful stupidity of the masses. There's plenty of that going around. Just look at who occupies the White House. Moreover, the know-nothings subscribe to the notion that ignorance is a virtue.

And they are so concerned about our kids? How about their offspring? They are breeding unthinking religious robots. But I digress.  Returning to Brown's diatribe:
We could not have a fuller plate or more opportunities to advance the pro-family movement. This is a tremendous blessing, but also a challenge, because we do not have the financial resources needed to take advantage of all the opportunities available to us. That is why I am asking you to take the next step in supporting IOF by making a 2017 membership contribution. Can I count on your help?
Having a full plate of fatty, high cholesterol, high calorie, past-date junk food is still a full plate. Brown speaks of opportunities without any specifics. This makes him just another Christian grifter. Then comes the giime part followed by this bit of wisdom:
IOF depends on the support of individuals, organizations and partners to carry out our work, and individual members make up the backbone of our organization. We are moving rapidly to build a working global pro-family movement to impact public opinion, promote the natural family and advance important policies. For instance, we now have allies in over 100 countries who are working with us, including promoting the Cape Town Declaration.
“Carry out our work?” Exactly what is there work? Sowing disharmony based on disinformation? That Cape Town Declaration is not even valid in Cape Town. It's just masturbatory motion and no one gets to climax. So the bottom line is that these idiots don't accomplish anything but they are toxic. The thing they do best is to beg for money shamelessly.

This all ends with more platitudinous drivel:
But we can't be as successful as we need to be unless people who support us take the additional step of making a membership contribution. Whether you can give $35 or $350 or more, will you act today to make a membership contribution so that we have the resources we need?

Thank you for your support of IOF and the natural family. It's an exciting time to be part of our movement, and we are honored to work alongside you. Please take the next step with a membership contribution.
“Resources we need” for what exactly? NOM is already insolvent. With Brown at its helm International Organization for the Family will also become insolvent. Brown lacks the management and financial skills to improve matters. That's not guesswork. Rather, that's the track record.

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