Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hate group leader spinning the crazy wheels

Mat Staver
Tuesday, hate group leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is pressuring the mayor of Jacksonville, Florida to veto a nondiscrimination ordinance that passed by a super-majority of the city council. The veto would be irrelevant; pointless.

On February 14, 2017 the city council of Jacksonville Florida passed a comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and sexual identity. Within an hour, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry issued the following statement:
As your Mayor, I promised to convene community conversations about discrimination. At the conclusion of those conversations, I exercised an executive action to implement a clear policy for city of Jacksonville employees and contractors. I said then and continue to believe additional legislation was unnecessary. But this evening, a supermajority of the City Council decided otherwise. This supermajority, representatives of the people from both parties and every corner of the city, made their will clear.

Now, with the issue resolved, I invite City Council and all the people of Jacksonville to join me as we confront serious issues like the final steps of pension reform to bring us financial security and increase our efforts to end the violence and crime hurting innocent people in our city.
Even if Curry vigorously opposed the measure, vetoing a bill passed by a super-majority is pointless. That should be perfectly obvious. It should.

Enter Mat Staver

Liberty Counsel, based in Orlando, was heavily invested in defeating the HRO. Lawyers from the hate group testified before the city council about all of the horrors that would be inflicted on society by treating LGBT people fairly. They had been successful in defeating similar measures twice in the past. In an email today, Tuesday, according to Staver (original emphasis):
Liberty Counsel released a three-page legal memorandum today proving that Jacksonville, Florida Mayor Lenny Curry can still legally veto the so-called "Human Rights Ordinance" (HRO), 2017-15, passed by the City Council last week. The ordinance is not final law until after the next City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
I left the link intact. Staver's “logic” is that, without the mayor's signature, the measure does not become law until the next city council meeting. Therefore, Staver is correct in that Mayor Curry has until the 28th to veto the measure. What would be the point? Staver doesn't bother to explain why the mayor should look like an imbecile. If he were to veto a measure enacted by a super-majority the city council would simply override the veto at their next session.

Staver has never evidenced more than a mediocre intellect. The fuckwit seems to be getting crazier by the day.

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