Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Judge who refused LGBT sensitivity training sues feds for religious discrimination

Gary Suttles
Most federal employees are required to watch a 17 minute diversity training video which explains how to treat LGBT employees fairly. Administrative Law Judge Gary Suttles, who hears disability eligibility matters in the Houston area, refuses to watch the video. On February 16 Suttles sued his employer, the Social Security Administration for religious discrimination.

According to his complaint filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Suttles notified his supervisor:

This resulted in a direct order to view the video which he refused to do. This went up the chain of command giving Suttles more than his fair share of due process.  He is now seeking an injunction prohibiting the SSA from disciplining him for his refusal.

This all seems rather moronic. The assertion that viewing a training video will have an adverse effect upon Suttles is seemingly absurd. Yet he picked a fight which is rather stupid if you ask me.

Suttles service has not been without controversy. His notion of treating people with respect and dignity must have been at work when, in 2014, he  told a Gulf War Navy veteran suffering from PTSD who was seeking disability benefits: “I mean, hey, you were in the Navy. You weren’t even fighting on the ground. To me it would have been exciting. What do you mean stressful?” Suttles is not terribly bright. The Social Security Administration apologized to the veteran.

Scuttles is represented by Robert Warren Painter who appears to be a sole practitioner. Suttles' law degree, by the way, is from Samford University, a once segregated Christian U. in Alabama.

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