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Not to be outdone for offensiveness AFA weighs in on trans Scouts

Joe Maldonado and his mother Kristie
Expelled: Joe Maldonado and his mother Kristie
Joe, a trans boy, just wanted to be a Cub Scout last fall
“If bigotry is a ‘traditional’ value then
tradition is ripe for improvement.”

Wednesday, Michael Haverluck writes at the “news” blog of American Family Association: “Boy Scouts admit girls claiming to be boys.” It is abundantly clear that Mr. Haverluck and his ilk are not interested in medical or social science. They expect society to conform to their religious beliefs irrespective of the veracity, or even common sense, of their dogma.

History keeps repeating itself. In 1664 (121 years after the death of Copernicus) Pope Alexander VII republished a list of books banned by the Church which included treatises on heliocentrism. Another 200 years were required before the Church fully abandoned geocentrism. In the United States geocentrism was embraced by conservative Protestant sects until the early years of the 20th century. For the Bible tells me so.

Lost in this unnecessary controversy is the fact that this is about kids. In this case, transgender kids who are already fragile and stressed beyond anything that Haverluck or the leader of his hate group, Tim Wildmon, could possibly imagine. What these people, in their religious zeal, are doing to transgender kids is comparable to treating red-haired girls as witches. It is shameful and it is inexcusable. These folks do real — sometimes irreparable — damage for no earthly reason.

I am reminded that last December the official Village Idiot of the Christianist set, Todd Starnes, was distressed by the prospect of a trans boy becoming a Cub Scout. At the time Starnes wrote:
I find it reprehensible that a grown woman would parade her child in front of the national media to advance some sort of cultural agenda. This parent is sacrificing her child's privacy and innocence for 15 minutes of fame. And I refuse to give the woman the satisfaction of reading her name in print.
Fame was not the objective. Her name is Kristie Maldonado. Her son's name is Joe. Joe left Scouting but wanted to fight to prevent another child from being humiliated. Together they may have turned the tide. Now we have to deal with morons like Haverluck:
The Boy Scouts of America is no longer just for boys, as the pro-LGBT organization announced on Monday that it will now accept girls pretending or identifying to be boys under the modern designation “transgender boys.”
Earth is not the center of the universe, Evolution is scientific fact, gays don't recruit and children do not pretend to have gender dysphoria.  Common sense should tell him that. Sadly, it does not.
Since it started hiring openly homosexual men years ago, the Boy Scouts of America has come under fire from many conservative and Christian organizations in recent years for endangering and detrimentally influencing boys by putting potential sexual predators in leaderships positions.
I am not going to re-litigate what has been settled but the safest scoutmaster on the planet is one who is openly gay. It has been a couple of years now and I think that the point is proved.

Later on:
After abiding by the same policy for generations that has required members to be biological males, the Boy Scouts have now caved in to special interest groups pushing the homosexual agenda so that boys will now be forced to fellowship with girls in a group that was exclusively founded for boys.
Drat that all powerful Homosexual Agenda©. Earth is not the center of the universe, Evolution is scientific fact, gays don't recruit and trans boys are boys. It's just that simple. Maybe, if these bigots actually got to know some transgender people, they might gain some understanding or at least perspective. They would say that they have all the knowledge that they need. How many have actually read On the Origin of Species? Yet, they are all experts.

After asserting that “Boy Scouts” is now a misnomer:
With businesses, government buildings and even public schools being ordered by former President Barack Obama to provide transgenders with special privileges to be granted bathroom and locker room access of their choosing, more and more organizations across America are succumbing to pro-LGBT policies – rules that conservatives and those with biblical values argue put women and children unnecessarily at-risk.
“At risk” for what exactly? If women and children are threatened then that would be something that transcends political and religious views. And what does this have to do with the Boy Scouts?
Severing from the Judeo-Christian worldview that has often been used to train and instruct male youth from generation to generation, the Boy Scouts now contends that traditional values will no longer suffice for the organization to use as a guiding principle when it comes to human sexuality.
If we want to teach young boys how to be responsible men there are many values that are important. Honesty and trustworthiness come to mind. Intellectual curiosity too. Among these values is the acceptance of people who are different. If bigotry is a “traditional” value then tradition is ripe for improvement.

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