Saturday, March 4, 2017

AFA and Pacific Justice Institute combine to offend Jews as spectacularly as possible

Brad Dacus thinks it is
appropriate to use the Jewish
badge to argue a point
Saturday, American Family Association has teamed up with Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute, to complain about a supposed anti-Christian injustice. To voice opposition to a California law that they do not like they have employed a profoundly offensive Third Reich simile.

Using Holocaust imagery to argue a point trivializes both the Holocaust and the inherent dangers of anti-Semitism. It should have no place in political discourse. AFA's Steve Jordahl and Mr. Dacus don't get it. This one is particularly odious:
Perhaps more than any other mark, the yellow Star of David symbolized the horror known as the Holocaust when six million Jews were annihilated because of their faith during World War II.
Seventy years later, California passed a law that reflects a similar discrimination. The law says pro-life pregnancy centers must post the location and phone number where women can get a free abortion.

Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute is fighting it in court.

“What we're really talking about here is just a sophisticated posting of yellow Stars of David,” says Dacus.
Right. Requiring Christian anti-abortion centers to stop misleading people is just like the Nuremberg laws of 1935 which essentially stripped Jews of citizenship rights. The use of the Jewish Badge came into use in Germany starting in 1939 in order to identify individuals targeted for discrimination and eventually death.

The first paragraph of that quote is incorrect because they are striving for a Christian analog. Jews were not murdered “because of their faith.” Jews were murdered because of their Jewish ancestry. Faith was not taken into consideration.

In Europe, marking Jews in some way to distinguish them from others goes back at least to 1215. Pope Innocent III declared: “Jews and Saracens of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress.” The intent was to remove Jews from gentile society. This continued in various forms. In 1555, for example, Pope Paul IV decreed, in his Cum nimis absurdum (“When too absurd”) that Jews should all wear yellow hats.

There is a very long history of intolerance that these self-righteous morons should be aware of.

About a year ago I had a Twitter colloquy with an unnamed AFA official over a death camp photo that they were using. The defense that the individual posited was the usual “we are strong supporters of Israel” which is not only irrelevant but misleading. Support for Israel has nothing to do with the equality of Jewish people. It is probably due to End Time biblical prophesies involving Israel and the supposed salvation of Messianic Jews (Christian converts). The rest of us all die.

Note: Ordinarily I would not use an image of the Yellow Star to make a point.  I have done so in this case because it is specifically referenced by Dacus.

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