Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hate Group Leader's Money-Grub for the Hate Bus Tour

International Organization for the Family
In an email to supporters, Brian S. Brown, leader of International Organization of Families (AKA World Congress of Families AKA The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society), has his hand out. Whatever you call this organization it is an anti-LGBT hate group. Brown is now actively competing with his other outfit, National Organization for Marriage, for donations to support the hate bus tour.

According to the email:
Support Our #FreeSpeechBus Tour

Much is happening here at IOF. This week we are co-sponsoring a major event, the #FreeSpeechBus tour which is designed to spark a national conversation about the truth of gender and to call for the right of all Americans to debate the issues surrounding gender without fear of harassment or retaliation. We're also hard at work at the UN to press for pro-family policies during the Commission on the Status of Women meeting, which wraps up this week. Of course, we're continuing to work hard to organize our upcoming World Congress XI Budapest Family Summit conference, May 25-28. And next week I will be at the African Regional Conference on the family in Laos, Nigeria, co-sponsored by the World Congress of Families and IOF.
The purpose of this “tour” is to raise money just as Brown is doing in this email. There will be no converts. It serves no other purpose.

Brown's “truth of gender” is just a regurgitation of the teachings of the Catholic Church which amount to the ignorant assertion that transgender people do not really exist. The fact that this is at odds with every medical and counseling professional organization is irrelevant to Brown and the eunuchs at the Vatican.

If Brown “sparks a national conversation” it will consist of ridicule of assertions which essentially try to conform science to ancient chronicles of dubious provenance. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Brown's final sentence is a pretentious lie. World Congress of Families and International Organization of Families are the same thing. Both of these faux organizations are just Howard Center DBAs. In fact, on their own website they claim that WCF is a project of IOF. All in all the whole thing is a small nonprofit with revenues of $495 thousand in 2015.

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