Friday, March 3, 2017

LifeSiteNews says that a bishop's mural is "homoerotic" - maybe so

Sometimes LifeSiteNews can be rather amusing. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia was recently appointed by Pope Francis as president of the Pontifical Pope John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. He also commissioned the mural in 2007 using a gay artist, Ricardo Cinalli,  known for his depictions of naked men.

According to LifeSiteNews, the mural depicts “Jesus carrying nets to heaven filled with naked and semi-nude homosexuals, transsexuals, prostitutes, and drug dealers, jumbled together in erotic interactions.” It also includes the image of the archbishop who can be seen in the enlarged detail below. He is the guy in the skull cap.

Were the beard a bit shorter we could speculate that the archbishop was hugging Ryan T. Anderson.

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