Tuesday, March 21, 2017

‘No Promo Homo’ Law Repealed by Utah Legislature

Welcome to Utah
On Monday, Utah's Governor, Gary Herbert signed Senate Bill 196. It is a victory but it is not all milk and Oreos. What this bill does is to strike homosexuality from prohibited discussions and substitute premarital sex:
the advocacy of [homosexuality;] premarital or extramarital sexual activity;
Schools across the state interpreted the prohibition of advocating homosexuality (which was never defined in the law) as an embargo on any discussion of anything related to LGBT people. Also prohibited by law is any discussion in schools of:
the intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior; and;
the advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods or devices;
The original language passed in 2001. The policy has been the subject of a recent federal civil suit.

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