Thursday, March 9, 2017

NOM has a new idea that they hope will make them relevant

Brian S. Brown, leader of National Organization for Marriage has yet another plan to make NOM relevant. It is modestly called The First Freedom Initiative and they have released the first video which I will get to but first some relevant history.

It became obvious in 2012 that NOM was headed to oblivion when ballot measures succeeded in making Maine, Maryland and Washington marriage equality states. In Minnesota that year, voters rejected a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. NOM also failed to oust some Iowa judges that year despite their meddling in judicial retention elections.

The following year, 2013, NOM lost big at the Supreme Court which handed down decisions in Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor. NOM's 2008 win in California's Proposition 8 was invalidated and the federal government was now required to recognize as valid same-sex marriages from marriage equality states. Two years later NOM lost the final battle in Obergefell v. Hodges. They should have called it a day like Evan Wolfson did with Freedom to Marry. However, NOM needed to continue to generate a payroll. Through 2015 NOM has pissed away over $65 million with nothing to show for it. It currently exists to ask for money to continue to exist to generate a payroll and ask for money to continue to exist to generate a payroll and ask for money and so on.

So with that in mind let us review newfangled NOM version 6.73 beta. The email is titled “Watch and Share our Video on Religious Liberty.”
The voice, the script, the tone, The Onion
As you may know, President Trump is considering an urgently-needed Executive Order to protect people of faith from discrimination and retribution by the government because of their faith beliefs, including their beliefs about marriage. But powerful opponents are working to convince him to abandon the Order, which is why it's so important that you watch this video today and share it with everyone you can.
As you may know, Trump is in utter turmoil and there is no evidence that an executive order relating to Religious Liberty™ is under consideration. It certainly isn't needed — urgently or otherwise. The Free Exercise clause in the First Amendment has served us well for well over 200 years. There is no “Order” to abandon.
Former President Obama and his administration targeted people of faith and faith-based nonprofit groups with damaging policies that were designed to force them to abandon their faith and adopt an extreme leftist secular agenda on marriage, life, gender and many other matters. Those who held firm to the teachings of their faith were punished – some lost their jobs, others were sued and fined, business and charities were closed and reputations were ruined. All this simply because Christians and other people of faith did not want to violate their faith.
Underneath all of this is the idea that organizations have a legitimate need to discriminate. Trump already supports President Obama's executive order requiring LGBT equality on behalf of the federal workforce and by federal contractors. The rest of that gobbledygook seems to pertain to proprietors of public accommodations who have discriminated in defiance of state and local laws. They have all had their fair day in court and have lost every round in every case. None of that would be addressed by an executive order from Trump which would not affect state or municipal laws.
As the video says clearly, it's unconscionable and unconstitutional to force people to abandon their religious faith. The first and most immediate step needed to correct this outrage is for President Trump to sign the draft Executive Order protecting religious liberty. Then Congress must act to make it permanent by passing the First Amendment Defense Act.
Brown offers no specifics to support his charge of unconstitutionality. No court has agreed, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Brown continues to assert that the ruling in Obergefell is unconstitutional, something that is impossible per se since the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the Constitution. “Unconstitutional” seems to mean something that either Brown or the Catholic Church do not like. That paragraph is a mound of hyperbolic goo. Ironically, it is the First Amendment Defense Act that is probably unconstitutional. It has been stuck in the Senate Judiciary Committee for nearly two years.
The more people who see this critical video, the bigger the impact it will have. So I am asking you to do three things right now:
  1. Please watch the video.
  2. Please send the video link to all your friends, family and contacts and ask them to watch it and share it with others.
  3. [Share on social media]
This is the “Tinkerbell” approach. If everyone claps Tink will come back to life. I love the next part of this grift:
It is a blessing from God that we have this opportunity to encourage President Trump to sign the pending Executive Order on Religious Liberty. Had Hillary Clinton been elected last November, we would have had no hope that she would do the right thing. Now that Mr. Trump has assumed office, it's important that we get him to act in pursuit of his promise to do everything in his power to protect religious liberty in our nation.
A “blessing from God?” God preferred the twice divorced serial adulterer and pathological liar who has gone bankrupt four times stiffing all the small guys while walking away with millions? That guy? Whatever reasons there are for Trump to have upset Hillary Clinton, Brian Brown's god probably isn't one of them.

Of course no NOM communiqué would be complete without:

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