Friday, March 31, 2017

The NCAA and Others Should Stand Firm on North Carolina

Welcome to North Carolina
North Carolina's HB2 was, and is, the imposition of conservative Christianity on the entire population of the state. The National Collegiate Athletic Association gave North Carolina a deadline of Thursday to repeal HB2 or be shut out from hosting post-season games. At the same time, the Associated Press determined that North Carolina was going to lose $3.76 billion because of HB2.

Governor Cooper and the Republican-controlled state legislature worked out a “compromise” bill. They removed birth certificate requirements from the law but left in place the prohibition of transgender people using gender-appropriate facilities — a provision directed at the state's most fragile citizens, gender nonconforming children. More than the segregation, the compromise continues to perpetuate the false idea that transgender people pose a threat to others.

The law continues to ban municipal nondiscrimination ordinances until 2020. At that time I am reasonably certain that the good Christians who dominate the legislature will pass a new law to preempt nondiscrimination ordinances by political subdivisions.

This so-called compromise might serve Governor Cooper's political needs. However it does nothing to serve the needs of North Carolina's LGBT citizens. It most certainly should be rejected as a solution by the NCAA.

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