Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Victimization of Brian S. Brown in His Quest for Donors

National Organization for Marriage's hate bus is more about begging for money than any meaningful form of advocacy. It is nothing more than a gimmick. NOM's leader, Brian S. Brown, is compelled to take himself seriously to the extreme. It is the natural reaction of pretentious people who are trying to convince others of their credibility. Because this is just part of a deception, Brown cannot subscribe to the oft-proved idea that sometimes less is more. His trans-hate-and-ignorance bus was vandalized and that requires a response. 

It is really rather comical to see this bigot claiming to have been victimized to this extent:
The National Organization for Marriage calls on law enforcement to intensify their investigation into the assault yesterday on our #FreeSpeechBus and its driver. We believe this violent criminal assault by two LGBT extremists constitutes a violation of our civil rights, and that of the driver, a military veteran. Unfortunately, media reports indicate that local Manhattan police may be masking the seriousness of the assault by preliminarily classifying the violent attack as "criminal mischief," a low level, misdemeanor offense. We call on police to publicly release video footage of the attack in their possession so that the American people can see for themselves what occurred. We also call on the United States Department of Justice to monitor the investigation and to determine if an independent federal review is appropriate, not only into the actions of the criminal assailants, but into the many LGBT activists who have posted comments online praising the violence, and urging further violent attacks on the bus, its driver, and any occupants.
No Mr. Brown. A prank, which is what this was, does not assault your civil rights which is precisely what you and NOM have been trying to do to LGBT people for eight years and with $65 million or so flushed down the crapper. The fact that the driver is a military veteran is irrelevant.

It is unclear if the driver was in the bus when this happened. Nor is it known how Brown knows that it was two people and that they are “LGBT extremists.” It could, for example have been heterosexual, cisgender college kids who have about had it with the messages of hate that Brown and his two organizations spew in order to raise money. Nor is this some sinister conspiracy by the NYPD to undermine NOM. I would say that the cops have it about right with “criminal mischief.” Even with a department run by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, I suspect that the Department of Justice has better things to do. Fuck — why not call for a congressional hearing while he's at it?

But there is more:
If the shoe were on the other foot and this was an attack by someone against LGBT or transgender individuals during the Obama administration, there would be an entirely different reaction from law enforcement and the media. The story would be front-page news all over the country, and full federal and state investigations would already be underway. The enforcement of our laws should not be dependent on perceived political sensitivities; justice must be pursued even-handedly regardless of politics.
In New York City LGBT people are a protected class. Idiots claiming that transgender people do not exist? Not so much. And, no, even then graffiti wouldn't make the front page of any newspaper in Manhattan or anywhere else for that matter. The goddamned offensive bus got vandalized. I do not condone violations of the law. However, this is no less offensive than if NOM painted a bus with “Kikes Control the Media.” Of course they don't see it that way and expect a free pass.

There is even more!
We will not be deterred by this attack, nor by the scores of LGBT activists who have pledged further violence against us. They are making the case for the importance of the bus tour, demonstrating by their actions that they will not tolerate a serious discussion of the issues surrounding gender and instead are intent on forcing society to accept the lie that gender can be changed according to feelings and emotions. But the reality is that biology determines gender, not feelings. Further, there is no scientific evidence that anyone is born 'trapped in the wrong body' as LGBT activists contend. This is a political movement by them to strip society of gender and force their ideology into public spaces, especially into the schools, which will severely damage our social fabric, and disrupt the lives of children. The point of the bus tour is to spark a debate about these serious issues so that policymakers can better make informed decisions. The #FreeSpeechBus tour will continue.
Get a grip (and a clue). No one has pledged violence against NOM. There is no “serious discussion of gender” with anyone whose starting point is religious superstition based on ancient chronicles. There is no wisdom to be found about gender in scripture. The “reality” of gender is far too complex for an incurious fundamentalist Catholic to ever understand and there are mountains of scientific research — solid peer-reviewed findings — about the existence of gender dysphoria and the role of gender affirmation in treating the discomfort.

Mr. Brown (who is profoundly arrogant in addition to being a bigot) is not sparking any debate. He is simply attacking science with religion which is similar to the effects of pissing into gale-force winds. Mr. Brown just doesn't like the splash-back.

The real “point” of this offensive bus is the continuing search for some cause so that NOM might continue to exist in order that Brown can continue to get paid. It is nothing but a gimmick to raise money. NOM doesn't really do anything. It exists to ask for money in order to continue to exist to ask for money in or…

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