Thursday, March 23, 2017

Three Years in Prison for Conspirator in International Isabella Miller Kidnapping

Philip Zodhiates
Philip Zodhiates after conviction in Sept., 2016
Wednesday Philip Zodhiates was sentenced to three years in federal prison for his role in helping Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter to Nicaragua in defiance of a federal court ruling that would have likely ceded custody to Miller's former partner, Janet Jenkins. Lisa Miller claimed that she was no longer a Lesbian and became a conservative Christian.

Zodhiates, who owns a Virginia Christian mailing list company, drove Lisa (disguised as a missionary) and Isabella across the boarder to Canada in 2009. From there they eventually made their way to Nicaragua. They have since disappeared into a conservative Christian underground network. There is an outstanding arrest warrant for Lisa Miller.

Zodhiates is also a defendant in a civil suit filed by Janet Jenkins as are Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel, Liberty University and others. One of the more interesting things to come out is that Zodhiates made calls to mobile phones registered to Liberty Counsel. Speculation is that these calls were made to Mat Staver. To my surprise Staver has not responded to the suit which was filed on Monday. Perhaps he realizes that he is in deep shit.

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