Sunday, April 9, 2017

Anyone have an account at Itaú Private Bank? UPDATED with a statement from the bank

[Originally posted on April 6. Updated with a statement from the bank below the break.]

They have an office in New York and two in Miami (possibly to deal with drug money). In any event, the corporation fired a gay banker after he posted photos of his engagement online. The folks at Itaú Private Bank were quite open about their homophobia telling the employee that he was terminated due to his sexuality. Nice going guys!

I received an email from the bank's HQ in Brazil. No angry denials, no lawyer and no demands. Just a statement:
Itaú' code of ethics clearly states that discrimination against anyone, including for gender, skin color, social status, religion, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, and others, is unacceptable. We consider any such behavior to be an affront to the dignity of the individual which is not tolerated at Itaú.

We have carefully investigated the case in question. The investigation determined that the cause of the dismissal was improper conduct relating to multiple client issues. All employees have access to a private and confidential channel, called Ombudsman, to address any kind of issues they have. The employee had previously been warned regarding the conduct and the ultimate dismissal of the employee had absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Itaú is committed to the highest standards of an open, tolerant, and welcoming environment for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation.

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