Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hate Group "Reinvests" in Target Boycott

Target Store Miami
American Family Association continues to hawk its opprobrium of Target Stores for having publicized its policies regarding gender-appropriate dressing rooms and restrooms. These policies have been in place for a decade or more. Target's “transgression” was making their policy known to the Public. In an email Tuesday, the hate group's leader, Tim Wildmon, asks: “Will you share this with just one person?” Wildmon goes on to write:
We are VERY close to reaching the 1.5 million signature goal on the Target boycott. Your help is critical as we approach the one-year anniversary since we launched the boycott.

At the time I send you this email, 1,484,630 people have pledged to boycott Target until it reverses its dangerous policy of allowing men into women's restrooms and dressing rooms. You can see the very latest count here. Once we reach 1.5 million, I will personally deliver the signatures to Target's headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.
Target Corporation has made it abundantly clear that they are not going to change their policy. Wal-Mart and many other retailers have the exact same practice. Furthermore, people who have signed the Target pledge continue to shop at Target. As I have written many times, transgender men and women have been using gender-appropriate facilities for decades and go largely unnoticed. Store security doesn't do genital checks.
Just how dangerous is Target's policy to its customers? Just last month, a man was allowed inside a Tennessee Target store dressing room without any restriction at all.

According to the police report, "the suspect had been in and out of the dressing room for over an hour before he was caught taking photographs of the victim. I [the officer] observed around 5 or 6 other women enter the dressing room during this time, with each time the suspect entering the dressing room and exiting a short time after the females leave."
There is no indication that the individual (who was not apprehended) is transgender (every indication is that he was not). This really had nothing to do with Target's store policies. The guy could have done the same thing in any store where the dressing room was unmonitored. On the Lincoln Road Mall in South Beach many (most) of the stores have unisex dressing rooms.
Please, please….forward this email to just ONE FRIEND who you think should know that Target allows men in women's restrooms and dressing rooms. Forwarding it to just one friend will help us reach our goal of 1.5 million pledges.

When you forward it, please consider changing the subject line to a personal note from you. Here are a few samples:
  • Have you heard about what happened at Target?
  • I'm boycotting Target…and you should too!
  • Target is not a safe place for women and children.
Claiming that trans people pose a threat to women and children is just one of the reasons that AFA is designated a hate group. AFA insists on calling transgender women men which is nothing but an expression of ignorance.

AFA is so heavily invested in this silly boycott that they are going to try to make it pay off. When they fail to do so (and none of their idiotic boycotts are ever successful) they will claim victory anyway. In addition to being hateful, the self-righteous Christians at AFA are quite deceitful.

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