Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NOMnuts: The Hate Bus showed how much people loathe us so it was a huge success

National Organization for Marriage's leader, Brian Brown, is apparently pleased that his Hate Bus was vandalized. Aside from attempting to misinform people about transgender folks Brown was able to play the victim because the vehicle got graffitied. The idiotic message of the bus served no purpose. Most sane, rational people realize that the message of the Catholic Church is wrong. Transgender people and people with gender dysphoria most certainly do exist.

According to Brown, in an email to supporters:
Bus Tour Successful, Reveals Violence and Hate of LGBT Extremists

LGBT extremists did everything in their power to prevent us from completing the #FreeSpeechBus tour to promote a national conversation on the biological nature of gender – including engaging in violence, property damage and acts of intolerance, as well as coordinating with anarchist groups – but I'm pleased to say that we overcame them and completed the tour this morning in Washington, DC.
I love the “coordinating with anarchist groups” part. NOM did not deserve to have their bus damaged (actually they did deserve that fate but we are better than that on the whole), However NOM deserved every conceivable measure of invective that came their way. After all, to attempt justify their continued existence the financially insolvent NOM was promoting hateful rhetoric on behalf of the Church that is at odds with science and logic. The pope moronically calls it “gender ideology” so NOM parrots the ignorance.
NOM joined with CitizenGO and the International Organization for the Family (IOF) to sponsor the tour as a way of provoking a national discussion about the biological truth of gender …
No Mr. Brown. The “truth” of gender is represented by the overwhelming consensus of unbiased scientists who study human sexuality. Brown's idea of gender is based on Bronze Age chronicles of unknown authorship and dubious provenance. But even if we knew who the authors were and had a clear chain of custody, who would we choose to believe? People who drove out evil spirits with incantations or 21st century science. If Brown ever gets cancer he will probably be smart enough to find an oncologist who is more familiar with current medical literature than scripture.

Brown claims to have provoked a discussion about gender. That seems unlikely. Most people are smarter than that.
As you may remember, within hours of launching the tour, the bus was attacked by two LGBT activists while parked near the United Nations in New York City. They assaulted the African American bus driver and destroyed several of the bus's windows with a hammer, while also using graffiti to cover the bus with militant "trans liberation" messages. After repairs, the bus continued the tour to Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia, and concluded in Washington, DC. Along the way, it was frequently met by an angry mob of LGBT extremists and anarchists.
Now the driver was attacked. That was not in the original story. And exactly what does the driver's race have to do with anything? The witless Brown is remarkably transparent. He thinks that this will create discord. Doubtful. And Brown should know that pissed off people are not “LGBT extremists.” They are people who are sick and tired of agents of the Church attempting to impose the catechism on everyone else. If those folks want to believe that trans folks don't exist, have at it. Have a festival for all we care. Just keep the stupidity to yourselves. Brown adores victimization.

It's a conspiracy:
In Philadelphia, Mayor Jim Kenney's office was deeply involved in organizing the violent demonstrations against us, which were attended by anarchist groups that are closely watched by the FBI. The mayor's Office of LGBT Affairs proudly referred to themselves as 'an accomplice' in organizing protests which turned violent, with attacks on the bus and on police officers by gay activists and anarchists. At least one of them was arrested and we were prevented from speaking, an act of intolerant bullying the Mayor's office takes pride in. Meanwhile, while we were being prevented from engaging in a discussion with these protestors, the mayors of both Philadelphia and Boston ordered LGBT/transgendered flags to be flown at City Hall.
Oh the poor dears. People are just so intolerant of intolerance. Shame on all of us. It's a pity really. By the way, I'm not sure what a “transgendered” flag is. This all gets rather repetitive but it eventually comes to a conclusion:
NOM will continue to work to counter the dangerous gender ideology of the left, and stand for the truth that we were all created male or female, and that gender is based on biology, not "identity" or emotions.
You would think that people would be embarrassed to promote superstition and ignorance. Apparently not.

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