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The Rabidly Anti-LGBT Mark Creech Weighs in on the HB2 "Repeal"

Mark Creech
North Carolina's Mark Creech is a bigot. That is a fact that is easily verified. On Monday Creech took to the Christian Post to explain and complain about the HB2 “repeal” which most of us perceive to have been a bait and switch. The objective of cosmetically repealing HB2 had less to do with the needs of the citizens of North Carolina than the desire of North Carolina businesses to bring NCAA playoff games back to the state. Those same businesses should exercise some good citizenship instead and stop funding the GOP idiots who think that the state's laws are an extension of scripture. Only then might things really change.

Lowlights include:
HB 2 blocked local governments from requiring "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" (SOGI) policies for those who wanted to contract business with them. Gov. Roy Cooper contends cities and county governments are now free to apply such requirements. HB 2 had removed all doubt that these laws were invalidated. This is no longer the case.

Note: Sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) laws create serious problems for free markets and contracts, free speech, and religious liberty. They threaten citizens with penalties and liabilities for alleged "discrimination" based on purely subjective identities, and not objective, verifiable, and demonstrative traits.
The first paragraph is probably correct. The second paragraph is a lie. LGBT nondiscrimination laws attract businesses to the state because these laws facilitate employee recruitment. No one's free speech is compromised and Creech defines religious liberty as the right to discriminate against people one disapproves of — all neatly cloaked in scripture. That “subjective identities” bullshit is just that — Christianist bullshit. Much to their displeasure they cannot lawfully discriminate against Jews. Is their religion subject to verification and “demonstrable traits?” When did any minority ever have to prove that they are part of a minority group?

What no one seems to want to talk about is the fact that HB2, and its replacement, represent an imposition of conservative Christianity on public policy. It was, and remains, a violation of the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment. The way I see it, HB2 is comparable to teaching creationism in the public schools.
HB 2 blocked “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) provisions from being added to local nondiscrimination laws relating to private employment practices and regulation of public accommodations. The new law, HB 142 – Reset of SL 2017-4, prohibits any such ordinances from being passed until December of 2020; but after that date, any local governments would be free to enact provisions like those passed in Charlotte in February of 2016.
“SOGI” is conservative Christian code for nondiscrimination laws that we do not like. Now they have three years to come up with new legislation to continue to preempt municipal nondiscrimination laws. Don't think for a second that the 2020 date means anything more than a legislative deadline unless the courts resolve this issue.
This is granting a right to local governments that never actually existed in North Carolina, and that HB 2 clarified could not be exercised …
That is a lie. North Carolina is a “Home Rule” state (in contrast to “Dillon's Rule”). Political sub-divisions are, and were, supposed to have the power to regulate their own affairs as long as they did not run afoul of state laws.
Because of their opposition to HB 2, the NCAA, business interests, and other groups have held our state's economy hostage to its demands. Repealing HB 2 likely emboldens them, as well as possibly others, for additional acts of extortion, which may or may not be related to HB 2.
Actually it was the state legislature that held everyone hostage to its discriminatory law. Legislators could not tolerate the fact that Charlotte decided to stop LGBT discrimination within the city. Meanwhile the NCAA has caved.
By repealing HB 2, the state loses the moral high ground it established. Repeal introduces doubt as to HB 2's intent and rightness from the beginning. …
It is infuriating that Creech thinks that discrimination represents the “moral high ground.” There is little doubt about the intent of HB2. It was unfair and the replacement remains unfair to the citizens and taxpayers of North Carolina who happen to be LGBT. It is unfair to the parents of LGBT children. It is petty provincial poison.
In repealing HB 2, North Carolina has forfeited its leadership in its stand against the redefinition of sex and gender. HB 2 has always been about much more than bathrooms. Its core issue is the way our culture will ultimately define sex and gender.
For Creech its all about scripture. What he defines as leadership is anything but. It is imposing slavish devotion to ancient chronicles upon the public policy of the state. In doing so it replaced science with superstition. Leadership requires people to think outside of their personal beliefs and biases.

Later on, Creech inadvertently undoes himself:
Our state stood out as a bright beacon for the entire nation, even the world, because we did the right thing. Our case was never really in the hands of the NCAA, celebrities, corporate groups, equality activist organizations, a Leftist media or Progressive courts; it was in the hands of an Almighty God.

Perhaps the greatest loss may be that we preempted God's help and took matters into our own hands before his deliverance arrived.
What part of the Establishment Clause does this imbecile not understand? The state stood out for sure — as a bunch of rubes and rednecks in need of adult supervision. The fact that Creech believes that this was a “bright beacon,” one of the state's finest hours, demonstrates just what a reckless dolt he is.
Their position was best characterized in Senator Dan Bishop's (R-Mecklenburg) remarks on the Senate floor. Bishop said the bill which replaced HB 2 was "at best a punt ... at worst a betrayal of principle."

Perhaps the Lord will save us yet, because of the faithfulness of Bishop and the others like him.

Perhaps the Lord will save us yet, because whether principled or unprincipled in our actions, he knows that we are but flesh and relishes in demonstrating his grace.

I'm praying for grace.
If there is a god she is likely pissed off at the people who want to treat some of her children unfairly. If there is a god, that all-powerful deity does not need to be worshiped. He or she has other priorities. Mr. Creech is a self-appointed, self-righteous and self-aggrandizing “representative.”

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