Thursday, April 13, 2017

The very creepy Trump Jr. demeans gay and allied youth

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr. mocked LGBT students and activists at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University. Those young people oppose the opening of Chick-fil-A restaurant on campus. Donald Trump Jr. took to twitter to call them #triggered (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean).
Luckily for young Mr. Trump he never had to compete with far smarter people on the job market. Luckily for young Mr. Trump he does not have to compete with far smarter people for employment compensation and position. Were it not for his grandfather Trump Jr. might have a job coating cherries with chocolate. From his tweet people might conclude that young Mr. Trump is just a spoiled brat with a limited intellect.

And by the way, I think that Chick-fil-A should be able to open wherever they can afford to do so. Our patronage is another matter entirely.

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