Tuesday, April 25, 2017

When a hate group masquerades as a professional organization

American College of Pediatrics
I need to update that graphic to 2015 numbers but the point remains that the American College of Pediatricians is a minuscule Christian group. Members of what SPLC has designated a hate group are perfectly willing to set-aside modern science in favor of ancient chronicles. Their mission is to prove, through selective observation and tortured logic, that the ancient texts (which they believe are the literal word of a deity) are scientifically accurate. It is an absurd proposition.

Tuesday they write: “Consenting to Sex Change Easier than Crossing Street.”
Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published an excerpt, in their AAP Daily Briefing, from a study in the April Journal of Experimental Psychology. The study reported that children under the age of 14 are not cognitively capable of crossing a busy street “because children lack the perceptual judgment and physical skills needed to consistently get across safely.” This same AAP, however, also frequently promotes the claim that children this age or younger are cognitively capable of deciding that they are the wrong sex. Moreover, the AAP also deems children cognitively competent to consent to puberty blockers, toxic sex hormones and mutilating sex reassignment surgery.
Except that crossing a busy street requires not just cognition but certain skills such as estimating speed and distance which accrue with experience. A kid born in Manhattan will likely acquire those skills at an earlier age than a kid born on a farm in Iowa.

A child will have a gender identity at a very early age. Most of the time that coincides with their physical sex but sometimes (rarely) it is different. The sense of identity is innate. Studies demonstrate that trans children are not experiencing confusion. Moreover, according to a recent study of three to five-year-olds: “Gender may be the earliest identity and social category to emerge in development and acquiring knowledge about one's gender is considered a critical part of early childhood development.”

In other words, an appreciation of gender comes well before the sill of estimating the time, speed and distance of numerous approaching vehicles. In other words, it is intellectually dishonest to compare traffic safety skills with gender identity.

Interestingly that same study tested the cognition of trans kids (preschool children).
The transgender children did not differ from children of the same gender in the control group or the sibling group on preferences, behavior, stereotyping, and identity, the study found. For example, transgender girls … liked dolls and pink dresses, and preferred female friends as much as cisgender girls and sisters of transgender children.
Getting back to ACPeds' statement, treatment decision are based not just on the child but the professional evaluations of clinicians who work with trans kids every day and, of course, parents. Furthermore, young children do not consent to hormone treatment and certainly not surgery. Hormones are generally available to teens 16 and older with a conviction regarding their sexuality. Gender-affirming surgery is also available in late-teens to early adulthood. In the case of both hormones and surgery, patients have made a social transition, usually years in advance.
Cognitive immaturity and impaired risk assessment during adolescence has always been recognized. That’s why society has long had age restrictions not only for consenting to medical procedures, but also for driving, voting, joining the military, and purchasing alcohol and cigarettes. Dr. Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians states.
Cretella is a religious crackpot who is currently not licensed to practice medicine. She is a proponent of pray-away-the-gay pseudo-science.

ACPeds concludes their pretentious polemic with some hypocrisy:
While the AAP does not dispute any of this research, it appears to heed it only selectively. Apparently, cognitive immaturity is an obstacle to crossing the street but not for giving consent to a sex change. Looks like “correctness” outranks science when science gets in the way of agenda.
Apparently this imbecile wants people to believe that kids under 14 are getting “sex change” operations. AAP supports peer-reviewed science published in scholarly journals that subject content to double-blind peer review. Oddly enough I am unable to find any peer reviewed research ever published by Dr. Michelle Cretella. I cannot imagine why that void exists.

There is nothing selective about AAP's stated goals and positions. On the other hand, practicing medicine to glorify Jesus has a number of obvious flaws. No thinking, caring parent should ever take their child to a physician who is a member of this group. Perhaps that is why the organization offers no service to help a parent find a member physician.

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