Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Trans Student

Ash Whitaker
Ash Whitaker
A three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago unanimously upheld a district court’s earlier decision to halt the enforcement of the Kenosha Unified School District’s restroom policy against Ash Whitaker, who first filed a lawsuit against KUSD in July 2016.
“The School District has not demonstrated that it will suffer any harm from having to comply with the district court’s preliminary injunction order,” the ruling stated.

A perfect Trifecta of Ignorance and Hate

Jonathan Saenz
On Wednesday we have a coalescing of the hate group American Family Association plus their most bigoted polemicist, Charlie Butts plus Hate Group Leader Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values.
Texas residents may have the last word on whether the state's lawmakers consider a bill to protect women and children in public restrooms.
Once again, absent any evidence in support, we are informed that trans people present a threat to women and children. It is Christianity nonsense.

General Jerry is at it again - Beware the transgender!

Tuesday, Retired General Jerry Boykin penned an awkward open letter to Secretary of Defense Mattis for Breitbart (of course). The transphobic diatribe is dishonest at the outset because it is intended for public consumption rather than Sec. Mattis' eyes.

Boykin was a perfect fit for Family Research Council. FRC is a hate group and Boykin is rabidly, viscerally anti-LGBT. In simplest terms Boykin is a bigot as well as a Christian fanatic. His opinions reflect his personality challenges more than an honest appraisal of circumstances.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Logo announces top LGBT friendly companies

In spite of its out CEO, Apple does not top the list.

Logo Network has announced its list of the 25  most LGBT-friendly companies. Unlike the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index Logo takes into consideration both workplace equality and the experience of customers. Of course this is all highly subjective. Nevertheless, it provides some indication of how we might choose where to spend our money.

Time for some pseudo-intellectual transgender BS from Witherspoon's blog

Monday, Andrew T. Walker writes: What’s in a Name? Why Christians Should Be Wary of the Word "Transgender." It is profoundly informative — of course it is. The subtitle of this mess reads:
The Christian worldview accepts the validity of people’s testimony that gender dysphoria is a real experience resulting in heartrending distress. The Christian worldview cannot, however, countenance the idea that men can become women or that women can become men.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Fountain of Shame From the Catholic Church

A post to the National Catholic Register has reminded me of the exploitation by the Church, not only of gay people, but of their families. The Catholic Church's Courage Ministry is modeled after the pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous which is premised on the notion that being gay is somewhere between a bad habit and a pernicious addiction.

AA has Al-Anon for the families of alcoholics. The Church has  EnCourage for the families of people who have, what they insist on calling “same-sex attraction.”

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lesbian Colonel Sues Texas National Guard for Discrimination

Col. Cynthia Millonzi
Col. Cynthia Millonzi claims that she was denied a promotion and forced out because she is a lesbian. Millonzi was a full colonel (O-6) and also a GS14. She was the Director of Manpower and Personnel in the Texas Adjutant General’s Office. She had exemplary reviews.

Millonzi is a woman who had a great deal of authority and responsibility. The bottom line to all of this is that the Guard disapproved of her appearance in an LGBT publication. I expect her to win this suit unless the narrative is false.

At the beginning of September 2013 (in the wake of United States v. Windsor, the Texas Adjutant General directed the Texas National Guard not to process ID Cards or any benefit applications for same-sex couples at state-run facilities. This order was conveyed directly and personally to Millonzi by a Brigadier General Hamilton. Millonzi claims that Hamilton said that he did not want anyone going to the press over the policy. Millonzi took that the mean her.

Mat Staver is in Perpetually Incensed Mode

“A person with a mediocre intellect sets himself up as an apostle.”

Mat Staver
Hate group leader Mat Staver is an angry individual. He is particularly angry at LGBT people — all LGBT people — which makes no sense at all. Today's indignent missive from Liberty Counsel is titled: “Orlando Church Promotes Pro-LGBT Agenda. Gee, that sounds serious.

The following paragraph perfectly captures Staver's irrational bigotry and why his Liberty Counsel is a designated hate group.

Robert Oscar Lopez Makes the Pilgrimage to Budapest

Robert Oscar Lopez
World Congress of Families, begins its rather odd convention in Budapest on Friday. The hatefest gathers together Christian right fanatics to kvetch about LGBT people, abortion and rubbers. World Congress of Families is a hate group and SPLC has a good rundown on some of the major players at the event this week.

Taking a look at the schedule I see that Robert Oscar Lopez is on a Friday afternoon panel titled Pro-Family Messages for Emerging Leaders. “Pro-family” isn't your family, or countless other families. Their idea of a family is limited to one cisgender male married to one cisgender female and their offspring. Extra points are available if both were virgins before marriage, neither were previously divorced, the couple forswears contraceptives and the wife is a stay-at-home mom. Round trip airfare for “Bobby” to babble is about $1,200.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do You Recall the Annmarie Calgaro Saga?

Annmarie Calgaro
Annmarie Calgaro and her lawyer, Eric Kardaal
(the lawyer is the one the left)
A federal judge tossed out a lawsuit filed by Annmarie Calgaro, a Minnesotan who claimed that state agencies and health care providers unlawfully terminated her parental rights when they allowed her trans daughter to undergo gender affirming therapy without her consent. Her daughter was also a nominal defendant. See my post from last November.

By all accounts JDK (now EJK) is an emancipated minor and Mommy Dearest was shit out of luck.

No Mr. Stanton - You are hopelessly confused!

Isn't this preferable to another picture of the smiling imbecile?
Glenn T. Stanton, a spokesman for Focus on the Family, attempts to isolate his employer from criticism by writing his anti-LGBT tirades for unrelated outlets. Wednesday, at The Federalist, Stanton offers: “The Human Rights Campaign Is A Major Hypocrite On Trans Bathroom Policies.” Like most Christian rightists, Stanton does not like HRC and he loathes the Corporate Equality Index. The animus comes shining through.

The subtitle of this confused polemic reads:
The LGBT spear-tip Human Rights Campaign didn’t include trans bathroom access as an essential right in its corporate index, and it never has.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time for AFA to Trot Out Their Silly Target Boycott Again

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon
By all accounts, AFA's boycott of Target Stores has had no material effect on the company's revenues. Target has had the same policy regarding transgender access for many years. It is headquartered in Minneapolis. Minnesota has protected people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity for nearly 25 years. Minneapolis has strengthened state code. This has become part of Target's corporate culture and no hate group from Tupelo Mississippi is going to change that.

Aw, Greg Quinlan is Complaining About SPLC via AFA

Greg Quinlan
Quinlan circa 2013
Charlie Butts at the hate group, American Family Association, writes: “Ex-homosexual now hated for pro-family views.” The supposed hate is this from SPLC last month:
Janet Boynes Ministry, will hold Called Out, its annual ex-gay conference, July 26-29 in Wayne, New Jersey. …

Other speakers include … Greg Quinlan, a fixture on the ex-gay circuit who is also a former president of PFOX. He claims he “left homosexuality” in 1992 and he is currently the president and founder of anti-LGBT group Garden State Families in New Jersey which purports to advocate for the “natural family,” a term the anti-LGBT right uses which they define as one man married to one woman and their biological children. Quinlan has touted the false claim that childhood molestation causes homosexuality, and also claimed that “homofascism” is threatening liberty through “anti-heterosexual legislation.”

Airline Refuses Family Boarding to Gay Couple and Kids

Southwest Airlines is responsible for the nitwit who claimed (regarding two married men and their three children):
This is for family boarding only and you are not permitted to board.
My theory regarding such incidents is that someone took advantage of an opportunity to demonstrate their disapproval of gay people.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Brian S. Brown Has Both Hands Out at the Same Time

Brian S. Brown
The missive from National Organization for Marriage is titled “Watch Our New Video on Religious Liberty.” Brown is asking for money. The email from the hate group World Congress of Families has the subject: “Registration for WCF XI Is Available For Limited Time.” It also asks for money. Even the faithful must have Brown fatigue. Brian has tried to get extra mileage out of each NOM appeal lately by having Frank Schubert re-send the same email as a forward. These poor schmucks who donated are getting inundated with pleas.

Speaking of Selective Observation - R/W Coverage of that Harvard Study

Donald Trump
Poor Donald Trump! At least that's the narrative from the right regarding a study out of Harvard University titled “News Coverage of Donald Trump’s First 100 Days.” Steve Jordahl, with the hate group American Family Association writes: When even Harvard notices your left-wing slant... .

According to Spencer Irvine at Accuracy in Media:
A new report from the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard confirms what many conservatives have known for months—that news coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days in office has been overwhelmingly negative.

Homophobic KY Judge's Proposed Rule Change is Blocked

Judge W. Mitchell Nance
Judge W. Mitchell Nance
Judge W. Mitchell Nance submitted a proposed rule to the state's chief justice, John D. Minton Jr. Under the change the judge would recuse himself from cases involving “practicing homosexuals.” Chief Justice Minton has denied approval of the rule change. I might have more on this later in the day if I get a substantive response from the ACLU. Meanwhile, an ethics complained has been lodged against Nance.

Catholic Zealot Writes "Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever, and I Can Prove It"

Matthew Archbold
Matthew Archbold
Matthew Archbold set out to “prove” that his particular flavor of mysticism and superstition is the “cool” choice. In the process what he does prove is the that selective observation is a logical fallacy per se. At the same time he manages to convince us that critical thinking is not exactly Mr. Archbold's long suit. I will limit my quotes of his polemic to the bullet points where possible. The subtitle of this exercise in stupidity (from the National Catholic Register) reads: “8 Reasons Christianity is Cooler than Atheism.”
8) Religious people live longer, happier lives, according to numerous scientific studies.
Archbold doesn't provide a link to any of those studies. An article in Psychology Today seems to make more sense than Archbold:

A Determined Texas Legislature is Intent on Punishing Trans People

Texas' “bathroom bill” is back on the conservative Christian menu. In February a measure that would have restricted all transgender people to use only public facilities consistent with their sex at birth sailed through the Texas Senate. However, the measure stalled in the House. Late Sunday night proponents used an amendment to tack bathroom limits onto a separate, unrelated bill covering school emergency operation plans for natural disasters.

Rep. Chris Paddie (a Republican from the East Texas town of Marshall) authored the amendment, saying it has “absolutely no intent” to discriminate to which I say “bullshit.” Transgender students at public schools would not be permitted to use the bathroom of their choice but could be directed to separate, single-occupancy restrooms. That isolates and marginalizes kids.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Update: My Email to St. Ignatius College Prep

As I noted yesterday, a faculty member of Chicago's St. Ignatius College Prep, Matt Tedeschi, was discharged, apparently for “Teaching While Gay.” Making noise and effecting change are two different endeavors. Therefore, I decided to send an email to the president of the institution, Fr. Michael Caruso, the board chair and some parents.

Do I reasonably expect this to change anything? Probably not but doing nothing is certain not to change anything. Do I expect a reply? Not if they have any sense at all. Once you mention the possibility of litigation the only communications that should come out of this school would be from their lawyers.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dishonesty and Discrimination at a Catholic Prep School

Matt Tedeschi
One of the stories that I did not get around to this week is the that of Matt Tedeschi. Tedeschi was a popular religion and French teacher at St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago. Having worked at the school for four years Tedeschi was slated for tenure. Tedeschi was terminated for “teaching while gay.”

This all started when a student found Tedeschi's online dating profile and then started sharing screenshots. Some students harassed their teacher. One young genius tweeted Tedeschi,  threatening to expose him. The school sent a very strong message about extortion by giving the kid two Saturdays of detention. Way to go.

Friday, May 19, 2017

ACLU-KY Files an Ethics Complaint Against KY Judge Refusing Adoptions by Gays

Kentucky Family Court Judge W. Mitchell Nance
Kentucky Family Court Judge W. Mitchell Nance
The ACLU of Kentucky, Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union, Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign, and University of Louisville Law Professor Sam Marcosson have filed a complaint against Judge W. Mitchell Nance for violating Kentucky’s Code of Judicial Conduct by recusing himself from any adoption proceedings involving lesbian, gay, and bisexual people.

On April 27, 2017, Judge Nance filed an order that would require attorneys to notify the court if the adoption matter being filed involved same-sex couples or lesbian, gay, or bisexual individuals so that he could disqualify and recuse himself. Judge Nance cites his personal conviction as the reason for the order. He says that “under no circumstance would ‘… the best interest of the child … be promoted by the adoption …’ by a practicing homosexual.” Who knew that it required practice?

Hate Monger Franklin Graham Portrays Gay Men as Predators of Boys

Franklin Graham
Grrrr! And what's with the bangs?
Franklin Graham to all churches: “Pull out of Boy Scouts completely.” Franklin Graham might have a job coating cherries with chocolate were it not for the fact that he is the son of evangelist Billy Graham. But Graham does have two gigs that pay him extraordinarily well and provide him with a very loud microphone.

Graham is once again claiming that LGBT people pose a threat to children. It is a baseless smear. There is nothing “Christian” in Franklin Graham — just Christian money. Graham is perpetually angry with some thing, someone or some group of people. His indignation is good for business.

According to Graham's Facebook page:

Turkish Dictatorship Jails Opposition Newspaper Staff

The current occupant of the Oval Office (for as long as Trump's presidency lasts) seems to have a love affair with tyrants, despots and dictators. Trump had lavish praise for Turkey's strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House on Tuesday. We know that a mob of thugs, including members of Erdogan's security detail, beat up protesters outside the Turkish embassy on Tuesday. Apparently that's how things are done in Turkey. Coming across the wire services today is new information. 

Brian S. Brown Takes Credit for "Deft Decision Making"

Brian S. Brown
The only thing that National Organization for Marriage and its leader, Brian S. Brown, seem to do these days is to ask for money. NOM's culture has probably changed as well; measuring success by funds raised. During 2015 they employed 16 people and used 28 independent contractors. What did those people do all day?

The latest money-grub is titled “Fighting for Principle, Challenging the Powerful.” It includes:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hate Group Renews Its Efforts to Punish Lesbian for "Teaching While Gay"

Mat Staver
Thursday, hate group leader Mat Staver sent out an email renewing the efforts of Liberty Counsel to have Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa discipline math teacher Lora Jane Riedas who is a lesbian and who has already been cleared of wrongdoing. In brief:

Is There Any Horrid Behavior This Hate Group Leader Won't Excuse?

Tony Perkins writes in support of San Luis Obispo High School teacher Michael Stack. I'll get back to Perkins but first we must fully understand Mr. Stack's behavior. By now most of you have heard about Stack who resigned from his teaching after sending an anti-gay letter to his school's student newspaper. However, that's not the full story. A few things that seem to have gotten lost in the news cycle:
  1. Stack was a probationary teacher.
  2. In February Stack was informed that he would not be retained for the following school year. Stack offers no credible explanation.
  3. Therefore, Stack's (rambling) resignation, late in the school year, was meaningless. Its intent was presumably to create a vehicle for self victimization (he sent a copy to Fox's village idiot, Todd Starnes).

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Once Again Being LGBT Poses a Danger to Children

Marianna Orlandi
Marianna Orlandi
In a rather mundane post expressing outrage at the World Bank's outreach to LGBT people, C-Fam's Marianna Orlandi reveals the kind of ignorance that contributes to C-Fam's status as a designated hate group. As for the World Bank:
On the “International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia” (IDAHOT 2017) an incredible number of events and activities focused on the rights of individuals who identify as members of the LGBTIQ community will take place all around the world.

Readers might be surprised to learn that the World Bank will be one of the biggest sponsors of this advocacy. As reported on its website, on May 17, the World Bank will organize and participate in a series of events in Bangkok, Salzburg, and Washington, DC, to commemorate IDAHOT 2017.

"Mainstream" Attacks on SPLC are the Result of Anti-LGBT Bias

Stella Morabito
At The Federalist Stella Morabito writes: “12 Ways The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Scam To Profit From Hate-Mongering.” Labeling The Federalist as “mainstream” means that it is not the Daily Stormer or David Duke's newsletter on “Jewish Supremacism.” It is a low bar indeed.

About 2½ years ago Stella Morabito claimed that the goal — the real purpose — of marriage equality was to abolish the institution of marriage entirely. More recently Morabito asserted that the real purpose of the LGBT agenda was to silence dissent. Morabito has also opined that anti-bullying programs cause more bullying. In February, 2016 Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group, hosted a lecture by Morabito titled: “Bruce or Caitlyn? Why Everyone Should Care About the Transgender Movement.” I haven't paid much attention to Morabito lately but she has burnished her anti-LGBT credentials.

Ross Douthat & Trump & the 25th Amendment

Donald Trump
Wednesday, conservative author Ross Douthat discusses the possibility of removing Trump from office via the 25th Amendment. That is premised on Trump's incapacity to serve as president. Douthat concludes:
Ross Douthat
The Trump situation is not exactly the sort that the amendment’s Cold War-era designers were envisioning. He has not endured an assassination attempt or suffered a stroke or fallen prey to Alzheimer’s. But his incapacity to really govern, to truly execute the serious duties that fall to him to carry out, is nevertheless testified to daily — not by his enemies or external critics, but by precisely the men and women whom the Constitution asks to stand in judgment on him, the men and women who serve around him in the White House and the cabinet.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

KY Gov Appoints Seminary Official to Overhaul Foster Care & Adoption Services

Daniel S. Dumas
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has selected Daniel S. Dumas, currently a senior vice president with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to be his “adoption czar.” Dumas will be paid $240,000 per year, apparently as a contractor. He will be charged with overhauling the state's foster care and adoption services.

“There is no reason a child in Kentucky, who is ready to be adopted, should be without a family,” Bevin said in a statement. “We have to rethink the way we do foster care in this state, and Dan Dumas is just the visionary to help lead that charge.”

From the Nitwittery - UPDATED

Michael F. Haverluck, who writes for the “news” blog of American Family Association, is only the most recent imbecile to claim that the genetic differences between men and women discount the existence of gender dysphoria. “Dr.” Haverluck claims, on behalf of the hate group: “Israel study: Men still men, women still women.” It represents willful ignorance; specifically, a failure to understand the difference between sex and gender.

There is also a measure of dishonesty to all of this:

NC Gay Teen Couple Will be Featured on MTV’s “Promposal”

Noah Ambrose and Brandon Caddell
Noah Ambrose and Brandon Caddell
A gay teen couple from North Carolina will be featured in an upcoming episode of the new MTV series Promposal. The religious right hasn't caught on to this yet. Surely they will claim that MTV is “promoting the homosexual lifestyle.” The vomit is certainly forthcoming.

Noah Ambrose and Brandon Caddell are brave kids. They have been the targets of harassment and threats by students and staff over the year they have been dating.

Unexpected Reaction From Sessions Regarding Transgender Hate Crime Sentence

Joshua Vallum
Joshua Vallum in Mississippi state court in July, 2016
Photo credit: John Fitzhugh/The Sun Herald, via Associated Press
Late Monday a federal judge in Gulfport, Mississippi sentenced Joshua Vallum to 49 years in prison for the murder of a transgender woman in 2015. This is the first case to be prosecuted according to the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act based on the gender identity of the victim. The State of Mississippi had already sentenced Vallum to life without the possibility of parole for the same murder to which Vallum pleaded guilty.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is no friend of the LGBT community. I did not expect him to comment at all. If he did comment I would have expected it to be along the lines of “murder is murder.” I am wrong on both counts. According to Sessions, in a statement quoted by the Associated Press:

Monday, May 15, 2017

Holy Crap! AFA is Selling a Children's Animated "Secret Agent" Series

Ryan Defrates, Secret Agent
At four bucks an episode Ryan Defrates, Secret Agent can be yours. According to American Family Association:
This project is aimed at Christian families who recognize the powerful, but destructive, influence of mainstream entertainment in shaping the worldview of our children. Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent is a half-hour animated action/adventure series about a young spy with a lot to learn. I'm confident that your kids or grandchildren are going to love it. A 13-part series, each episode features a story illustrating strong moral values and a Christian worldview. Moreover, each story presents parents in their God-given roles as sources of wisdom and love. How's that for a twist?

Homeschool Academy Making Children Gay

School Kids
No joke. At least not according to Michael F. Haverluck, our imbecile du jour. Haverluck writes (on behalf of the hate group American Family Association):
popular homeschooling academy is subtly promoting the LGBT lifestyle to children through its instructional online videos that have been widely used around the world by homeschool students, as well as by those attending public and private schools.

Even though a large percentage of homeschoolers across the United States are conservative Christians adhering to biblical values when it comes to human sexuality, the Khan Academy has been quietly infusing its subject matter with pro-LGBT content that attempts to influence children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle.

Walmart Proposes a Paltry Settlement of Employee Same-Sex Marriage Litigation

Walmart Store
Monday, a federal court in Boston will consider the fairness of Walmart's proposed settlement of $7.5 million dollars for denying benefits to same-sex spouses. Hopefully a federal judge will concur that this is grossly insufficient.

In 2015 a class action was brought against Walmart for denying benefits to same-sex couples. The named plaintiff in the action is Jacqueline Cote, an employee at a Walmart in Swansea, Massachusetts. Cote was legally married to Diana Smithson yet Walmart refused to provide insurance coverage. Smithson died of ovarian cancer and left $150,000 in unpaid medical bills.

The Doom of Marriage Discrimination in the United States

This Judicial Tyranny Must End Now!
Brian S. Brown — September, 2015
According to the Gallup Organization, 64% of Americans believe that same-sex marriage should be legally valid. That represents the highest level of support ever recorded by Gallup. Last year it was at 61%.

At least in theory, this represents the consensus that same-sex marriage has no effect whatsoever on anyone other than those entering into same-sex marriages and their families. The public has not been goaded into believing that a couple of disgruntled bakers and a self-victimized florist depict the supposed consequences of same-sex marriage. Kim Davis probably helped our cause by the inanity and circumstances of her argument. Brian S. Brown, leader of National Organization for Marriage does not represent Davis or those two bakers or the florist. NOM represents the Catholic Church — first, last and always.

Friday, May 12, 2017

As Expected, Lora Jane Riedas CLEARED by Tampa Area School District

Mat Staver
Mat Staver, Leader of the Hate Group Liberty Counsel
In an effort to upend the Day of Silence in her school, Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the superintendent of the Hillsborough County Schools. The hate group accused Lora Jane Riedas, a highly regarded math teacher, of promoting homosexuality and punishing Christian students. Liberty Counsel's threatening letter was sent in spite of the fact that the principal of the school did not receive any complaints for students or parents.

A two-page decision letter includes: “The evidence obtained in the investigations does not support the allegations and established that there was no malicious intent on your part to intentionally harm, disparage or embarrass students.” 

Connecticut Becomes the Sixth State to Ban Conversion Therapy - Panic in the Nut Farm

Peter LaBarbera
LifeSiteNews and Peter LaBarbera have a new name for gay conversion therapy: “Pro-heterosexual therapy.” As Connecticut bans conversion therapy for minors, we are entertained by the musings of Greg Quinlan, Christopher Doyle and Brian Camenker. Porno Pete's children must be so proud. LaBarbera should spend his time restoring the tax exempt status of his hate group. The tax exemption of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was revoked as of May 15, 2015.

We begin with Mr. Quinlan:
One former homosexual, Greg Quinlan, called the liberal rush to ban "heterosexual therapy" for minors "hysteria."

“There is no real evidence of reparative therapy doing any harm,” said Quinlan, founder and president of the Garden State Families, adding that claims by LGBT activists of therapeutic “coercion” are unfounded. “There is no electric shock, there are no IVs to induce vomiting. It’s talk therapy, like any other therapy.”

Thursday, May 11, 2017

According to This Missouri Legislator Gays are Not Human Beings

Rick Brattin
Missouri House Member Rick Brattin (R, Harrisonville)
On Monday evening, the Missouri House approved a bill making it more difficult for workers to win discrimination cases. Missouri does not extend nondiscrimination protections to LGBT citizens. However, Missouri lawmakers wanted to make it easier for racists, anti-Semites and others to discriminate against their fellow citizens.

At one point in the process there was an effort to tack on an amendment that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's nondiscrimination laws.

The Marginal Sanity of Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin
Jerry Boykin, a retired army general, is executive vice president of Family Research Council, a designated anti-LGBT hate group. Boykin is an anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT bigot. He is probably an anti-Semite and racist as well. Today I received an email from Boykin titled “Obama era government thugs threaten Christian business owner.” Thugs? Boykin goes on to explain:
Obama-era government thugs have threatened to shut down a private business and put dozens of individuals out of work simply because Christian business owner Donald Vander Boon operates his family meatpacking plant according to biblical principles.

Before leaving office, President Obama snuck in a new rule that allows government officials to have incredible power to police private businesses.

Hate Group Leader is the Latest to Become Immeasurably Excited Over the Fact That Men and Women are Different

Tony Perkins
According to Tony Perkins, leader of Family Research Council, scientists have detailed the genetic differences between men and women which means (according to Perkins) that gender nonconformity does not exist? This is my third foray into the intellectual shallow end of the pool on this matter. The first was some boob at LifeSiteNews. The second time it was Mat Staver. Apparently basic science is no longer a junior high requirement. Perkins explains:
Scientists have found 1,559 genetic differences between boys and girls [links to the LifeSiteNews nitwit] -- but try telling that to Oregon officials! The radicals in the Beaver State are doing everything they can to gloss over those distinctions in their latest push to wipe gender off drivers' licenses. In what ought to make every American shake their head, Transgender Oregonians are lobbying for the change, which would let residents identify as "nonbinary" (neither male nor female) on their most significant form of identification. Today, state leaders hosted a public hearing on the idea, which would let people choose between three options: M, F, and X.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hate Group MassResistance is Very Very Angry with SPLC

Brian Camenker
Hate group leader Brian Camenker
The the shelves of the nut aisle at the hate emporium are well stocked with various odd personae. Overwhelmingly they are conservative Christians, unhinged, incurious and possessed of a mediocre intellect. Brian Camenker, the leader of the hate group MassResistance (MR), is a bit unique. In all respects Camenker fits the bill but he is Jewish. Every now and then we run across crackpot Hasidim but for the most part we Jews aren't terribly concerned with what other people do. Moreover, 6,000 of oppression have taught us a thing or two about being a minority.

Last Friday, MassResistance posted a piece to their blog titled: “Wealthy Anti-Christian hate group – Southern Poverty Law Center – targeting MassResistance chapters.” The post lacks attribution to an author. According to the subtitle"

Blowhard Bill Donohue Applauds a Texas License-to-Discriminate

Bill Donohue
On Wednesday morning the Texas House advanced a measure that would permit (indeed, encourage) discrimination by private child welfare agencies. This includes a wide range of services that these agencies provide including group homes, temporary shelters, foster care and adoption. It is important to understand that these agencies are essentially acting as subcontractors, doing the work of the state with taxpayers' money.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has a remarkably different point of view:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can't Put Anything Past This Hate Group Leader

Mat Staver
About an hour ago I wrote about an ignoramus at LifeSiteNews claiming that a well regarded Israeli study on RNA transcriptions somehow shredded arguments (which do not exist) made by transgender advocates. Now we can welcome Mat Staver to the same party. Invitations must have been sent to the “Hopelessly Asinine” set. According to Staver who heads up the anti-LGBT hate group, Liberty Counsel: “Israeli Researchers Disprove Transgender Propaganda.”

Staver must have read some other nitwit's take on the study because those esteemed Israeli researchers (oy veh) investigated the transmission of genetic instructions via RNA to cell structure and maintenance and how those instructions (“transcripts”) differed between men and women insofar as disease was concerned.

Odd Assumptions: The Continuing Desperation to Conform Science to Religion

A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on...
According to one Pete Baklinski at LifeSiteNews, “Science finds 1,500 genetic differences between boys and girls, destroys ‘transgender’ arguments.” Baklinski, by the way, has a BA from Thomas Aquinas College. Of course he does.

Nevertheless Baklinski explains:
“Overall, sex-specific genes are mainly expressed in the reproductive system, emphasizing the notable physiological distinction between men and women,” the scientists found. “However, scores of genes that are not known to directly associate with reproduction were also found to have sex-specific expression (e.g., the men-specific skin genes),” they added.

The findings suggest to the casual reader that there is much more involved in the notion of changing one’s gender to the opposite sex than simply surgery and hormonal treatment.

A New Hate Group Leader and the Culture of Dishonesty

Michael P. Farris
Michael P. Farris
Michael P. Farris recently succeeded Alan Sears as president of the anti-LGBT hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom. Mr. Sears was not exactly a paragon of honesty. Farris seems to have discarded whatever was left of ADF's rectitude in favor of advocacy at any cost. The culture of ADF is changing for the worse. I am always amused at the adroitness of these holier-than-thou moralists to lie through their teeth.

“Thou shall not have gay sex” does not seem to be among the Ten Commandments. However, there is something about “bearing false witness” that these self-righteous tools so conveniently disregard. “Lyin' for the Lord” is a way of life. The burning bush that supposedly spoke to Moses is now holding its nose.

Brian S. Brown Reminds Us Just How Special He Can Be

National Organization for Marriage
Today's missive from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: “Trump Punts – Time To Put The Heat On.” The first paragraph reads:
President Trump has so far failed to deliver on his repeated promises to do everything in his power to protect the religious liberty of people of faith and faith-based groups. The Executive Order he signed last week was empty of any meaningful protections when it comes to those who have been targeted by the government for their beliefs about marriage, gender and human sexuality. Instead, Trump has punted the issue to the Department of Justice which, he says, will develop new rules to protect the religious liberty rights of people and groups.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hate group claims that Mark Green is a victim of those dastardly LGBTs

Failed Nominee
Mark Green
American Family Association's “news” blog frames it this way “LGBT advocates rip Trump pick Green over Christian values.” If one follows this to its “logical” conclusion then it is AFA's own undoing because they are equating Christian values with bigotry which is a generalization that I would never make. There is a difference between upholding Christian values and assigning LGBT people to second-class citizen status.

Upholding Christian values has nothing to do with anyone other than oneself. If someone thinks that gay sex is sinful, no one is forcing them to have gay sex. I am not at all sure what their argument with transgender people is. I suppose that if one has gender dysphoria and then believes that gender affirmative actions are sinful (which is as preposterous as it sounds) then one can opt to live without having the condition treated. Exactly why anyone would do that — in contrast to renouncing their religious beliefs — will remain bewildering.