Thursday, May 11, 2017

According to This Missouri Legislator Gays are Not Human Beings

Rick Brattin
Missouri House Member Rick Brattin (R, Harrisonville)
On Monday evening, the Missouri House approved a bill making it more difficult for workers to win discrimination cases. Missouri does not extend nondiscrimination protections to LGBT citizens. However, Missouri lawmakers wanted to make it easier for racists, anti-Semites and others to discriminate against their fellow citizens.

At one point in the process there was an effort to tack on an amendment that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's nondiscrimination laws.

That prompted Republican Representative Rick Brattin of Harrisonville to assert that LGBT protections infringed on religious freedom.
When you look at the tenets of religion, of the Bible, of the Qu’ran, of other religions. There is a distinction between homosexuality and just being a human being.
What exactly is it about the Establishment Clause that Republican politicians seem hopelessly confused about? A couple of years ago this wizard desired legislation that would require Planned Parenthood to build a memorial dedicated to aborted fetuses. In 2013 the ingenious Mr. Brattin introduced a bill that would have made creationism the scientific equal of Evolution in the state's public schools.

Supposedly Brattin is a graduate of Lee's Summit High School in MO. We will have to take his word for that. Evidence of even cursory education is in very short supply.

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