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Aw, Greg Quinlan is Complaining About SPLC via AFA

Greg Quinlan
Quinlan circa 2013
Charlie Butts at the hate group, American Family Association, writes: “Ex-homosexual now hated for pro-family views.” The supposed hate is this from SPLC last month:
Janet Boynes Ministry, will hold Called Out, its annual ex-gay conference, July 26-29 in Wayne, New Jersey. …

Other speakers include … Greg Quinlan, a fixture on the ex-gay circuit who is also a former president of PFOX. He claims he “left homosexuality” in 1992 and he is currently the president and founder of anti-LGBT group Garden State Families in New Jersey which purports to advocate for the “natural family,” a term the anti-LGBT right uses which they define as one man married to one woman and their biological children. Quinlan has touted the false claim that childhood molestation causes homosexuality, and also claimed that “homofascism” is threatening liberty through “anti-heterosexual legislation.”
That is a listing of facts. He can change the facts by admitting, for example, that child molestation is not correlated to homosexuality. He and others make this claim because they also assert that homosexuality is a choice. Assigning sexual orientation to childhood abuse is a way of saying “it's not my fault.” Quinlan admits all of this:
It just goes on and talks about how I left homosexuality,” he tells OneNewsNow. “I'm past president of PFOX, I'm the founder of an anti-LGBT group called Garden State Families of New Jersey, and my crime is that I purport to advocate for the natural family.”
“It also says I use the term 'homofacism', which I do, and that it threatens liberty, and [I also support] anti-homosexual legislation,” he says. “Now this is all true. These are things I've absolutely said and I take credit for it. And I have to say I'm honored to be hated by those who hate for a living, and that's what the SPLC does.”
So if SPLC is factually accurate then that is not hate. Mr. Quinlan, on the other hand, makes a living being inaccurate about gay people. It seems that every supposed “ex-gay” has an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay.

The Center for Garden State Families is not tax-exempt. Prior to that he was with New Jersey Family Policy Council. Going back to 2012-2014, Quinlan is not listed on the tax returns as an officer or key employee. He claims to be the founder of Living Free Ministries, an ex-gay enterprise. That, too, is not tax-exempt.

Butts moves on to the same line that they have been using for four years now. He is not terribly intellectually innovative:
Lauded by the Left for its “hate map” that targets right-wing groups, the SPLC was infamously used as a source by a homosexual rights activist who attempted mass murder at the Family Research Council in 2013.

The SPLC can trace its roots to the Civil Rights movement but it's since been labeled a money-chasing scam operation by its detractors.

"12 ways the Southern Poverty Law Center is a scam to profit from hate-mongering," begins the headline of a May 17 commentary by The Federalist.
SPLC doesn't “target” anyone. Unlike Christian anti-choice activists, SPLC's map is not intended, in any way whatsoever, to invoke violence. SPLC is uniformly and demonstrably opposed to violence. While the shooter is deranged, why is it that Tony Perkins bears no responsibility for creating the anger that would cause such violence? I am not blaming the victim (actually the victim was a security guard who suffered a minor injury). Rather I am suggesting that Perkins has made no attempt to moderate the behavior of his hate group, Family Research Council.

As for that post to The Federalist, I have written about it here.

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