Friday, May 19, 2017

Brian S. Brown Takes Credit for "Deft Decision Making"

Brian S. Brown
The only thing that National Organization for Marriage and its leader, Brian S. Brown, seem to do these days is to ask for money. NOM's culture has probably changed as well; measuring success by funds raised. During 2015 they employed 16 people and used 28 independent contractors. What did those people do all day?

The latest money-grub is titled “Fighting for Principle, Challenging the Powerful.” It includes:
Nearly five months through 2017, I can't tell you how excited I am with NOM's resurgent and important role in this age of the Trump presidency. The opportunities we have to shape the future are amazing – something our adversaries simply cannot handle – while the challenges posed by these times require deft decision making and strategic action. It's a fantastic time to be working with you on behalf of marriage, gender and religious liberty!

We've already accomplished so much in such a short time, but as much as we've done together there is so much more that needs doing. We need to raise significantly more resources to continue to be successful.
The hate bus didn't actually accomplish anything. Its purpose was to
demonstrate that NOM actually does stuff
What exactly are those accomplishments other than raising money? That idiotic hate bus? What did that misadventure accomplish? Who is stupid enough to continue to fund this thing?

NOM did not complete its 2015 tax return correctly. It did not (as required) correlate program service accomplishments to expenditures. What it described (on the wrong schedule) was effectively a political action committee — in an off year. If we take it at face value, NOM is a 527 entity rather than a 501(c)4.

In round numbers NOM spent $2 million in 2015. Only $800,000 went to program services (the political activities). What did they do with the other $1.2 million? Fundraising accounted for $500,000. What did the other $700,000 fund?

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