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Connecticut Becomes the Sixth State to Ban Conversion Therapy - Panic in the Nut Farm

Peter LaBarbera
LifeSiteNews and Peter LaBarbera have a new name for gay conversion therapy: “Pro-heterosexual therapy.” As Connecticut bans conversion therapy for minors, we are entertained by the musings of Greg Quinlan, Christopher Doyle and Brian Camenker. Porno Pete's children must be so proud. LaBarbera should spend his time restoring the tax exempt status of his hate group. The tax exemption of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was revoked as of May 15, 2015.

We begin with Mr. Quinlan:
One former homosexual, Greg Quinlan, called the liberal rush to ban "heterosexual therapy" for minors "hysteria."

“There is no real evidence of reparative therapy doing any harm,” said Quinlan, founder and president of the Garden State Families, adding that claims by LGBT activists of therapeutic “coercion” are unfounded. “There is no electric shock, there are no IVs to induce vomiting. It’s talk therapy, like any other therapy.”
Conversion therapy for minors is coercive per se since they can neither form nor provide informed consent. Kids go into conversion therapy at the insistence of self-righteous parents who have an objection to a sexual orientation that their religion disapproves of. Yet, it is the idea that homosexuality needs to be cured that is most offensive. Moreover, the entire concept is toxic. There is no evidence that conversion therapy works. No reputable study has ever been completed. When the child fails to change then he or she believes that they have failed. It is all very unhealthy.

Enter Christopher Doyle:
Another ex-“gay” man, Christopher Doyle, a licensed therapist himself and co-coordinator the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, said Connecticut lawmakers effectively re-victimized sexually abused minors through their lopsided vote.

“While gay activists continue to get cheap victories in liberal states like Connecticut, the ones that are losing are vulnerable young people who are conflicted and confused about their sexual and gender identity, some of whom arrived at their confusion due to sexual molestation,” said Doyle, who has fought liberal bans against reparative therapy across the country.

“So now, the state has raped them again: first, at the hands of their abusers, and second, at the hands of ignorant politicians who know nothing about mental health or the young people whom they are supposedly protecting,” he said.
There is no evidence of any correlation between childhood sexual abuse and sexual orientation. Having a sexual orientation or a sexual identity that Doyle does not approve of is not confusion. Mr. Doyle is a bigot who once penned a polemic for WND titled: “Warning to homosexual youth: It gets worse.”

A recent meta-analysis in the journal The New Atlantis by leading psychiatric scholars Lawrence Mayer, Ph.D, and Dr. Paul McHugh found that “compared to heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals are about two to three times as likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.”
A “journal” in that context is a scholarly publication that submits articles to peer review. The New Atlantis is the pretentious blog of a conservative Catholic organization. Articles are not peer reviewed. The post in question was not the result of original research. It was a literature review subject to selective observation.
“Instead of protecting the rights of minors, these politicians are lining their pockets with political kickbacks from gay activists. Shame on them!” said the Virginia-based Doyle, who also heads up the ex-“gay” group Equality and Justice for All.
Doyle is actually accusing Connecticut legislators of accepting bribes. Where is the evidence? By the way, the vote in the Connecticut Senate was 36-0. In the House it passed by a margin of 141-8.

Speaking of bigots:
One group that did fight SB 6695 head on was Mass Resistance. Bill Brown, a Connecticut activist affiliated with MR, hand-delivered informational sheeevidencets opposing the LGBTQ bill.

“Bill HB 6695 is deceptively and dishonestly titled An Act Concerning the Protection of Youth from Conversion Therapy. In fact, it puts vulnerable kids in danger – to support a radical ideology. It would make it illegal for licensed therapists to help children deal with traumatic issues leading to homosexual or transgender behavior,” said the Mass Resistance flier.

“Homosexual and transgender behavior in children is very often a result of early sexual trauma such as sexual molestation, rape, exposure to pornography, abuse, or serious issues with one or both parents. Victimized youth can become further traumatized and even suicidal,” the MR flier states. “Skilled mental health professionals can often help them heal their severe emotional wounds and work through these issues. For many, it is literally a lifesaver.”
Apparently the Connecticut legislature saw the hate group's materials for what they are: Bullshit.

There is no evidence to support any of that nonsense. Pornography turns kids gay? Please. These imbeciles set themselves up for some serious ridicule. Then they blame the “Homosexual Agenda™” for their own stupidity.

As long as we are gathering moronic bigots, here are two more:
Mass Resistance national founder and president Brian Camenker told LifeSiteNews that “Connecticut is unusual. There are lot of liberal states where this type of legislation has been killed,” noting it has been defeated twice in his own deep-blue state of Massachusetts.

Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, like Doyle, said SB 6695 was a “solution in search of a problem,” since "we had not been able to identify a single program in CT that would be outlawed by the bill.”
Wolfgang's statement is idiotic. He has no way of assessing which therapists are doing conversion therapy. I was unable to find an address for Peter Wolfgang. That does not mean that Wolfgang is living in a cardboard box on the streets (although he might be). Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I learned that phrase as a high school sophomore.
FIC challenged proponents of SB 6695 to “name the religious ministries in Connecticut that do conversion therapy, name the licensed professionals in Connecticut that supposedly practice conversion therapy, that are the targets of this bill. We don’t believe their claims that this exists in Connecticut.”
That ploy did not work either. Nor should it have.
Doyle said the “lies of gay activists, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights, who are the organizations lobbying for these bills, are so fraudulent” that his National Task Force for Therapy Equality filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission last week to set the record straight for legislators and the wider public.
The FTC? Doyle would have to file a consumer complaint. These people are very proficient at wasting time. As you might guess, Doyle's National Task Force is not registered as an entity or DBA in Doyle's home state of Maryland. It is all very compelling. All of these idiots need to find a healthier, more productive hobby.

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