Tuesday, May 16, 2017

From the Nitwittery - UPDATED

Michael F. Haverluck, who writes for the “news” blog of American Family Association, is only the most recent imbecile to claim that the genetic differences between men and women discount the existence of gender dysphoria. “Dr.” Haverluck claims, on behalf of the hate group: “Israel study: Men still men, women still women.” It represents willful ignorance; specifically, a failure to understand the difference between sex and gender.

There is also a measure of dishonesty to all of this:
The results of a new scientific study published by Israeli geneticists reveal that merely “identifying” oneself as the opposite sex from one’s birth – or receiving hormone therapy – cannot transform that person into another gender.
Haverluck's intended inference is that the Israeli scientists were investigation human sexuality. As I have previously noted, they were studying the transmission of genetic instructions via RNA to cell structure and maintenance and how those instructions (“transcripts”) differ between men and women insofar as disease was concerned.

Haverluck also manages to confuse sexual orientation with gender identity:
What the researchers came up was not what so-called “transgenders” and other homosexual advocates wanted to hear.
He is also devoted to countering arguments that are not made:
As transgenders such as Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner continue to receive air time to convince the world that they are transforming into another sex, scientists have found that all of the man-induced medical procedures cannot turn a man into a woman, or vice-versa.
It is about G E N D E R, not sex. Haverluck gets down to the basics:
Can’t override God’s work

Many parts of the human anatomy from both sexes simply cannot be reprogrammed to function as the opposite sex.
Of course that begs the question of why Haverluck's god would create people with gender dysphoria. Moreover, having created people with gender dysphoria, why does Haverluck's god not offer a solution other than gender affirmation? What form of treatment would Haverluck suggest is appropriate? Rather than answers, he defers to the leader of another hate group:
God cannot be outdone

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver asserted that man cannot outsmart God – or recreate what He created into something other than what He intended.
It is astonishing. Staver has just dismissed most of medical science. Taken to its logical conclusion, Staver's god intends for people to die from cancer. Otherwise, advanced therapies represent a futile attempt to “outsmart” the deity.
“These Israeli scientists identified over 6,500 genes with activity that was biased toward one sex or the other in at least one tissue,” Staver concluded. “That clearly validates the genetic differences between men and women.”
No one has argued otherwise. Too bad these folks are not similarly devoted to the peer reviewed scientific publications concerning gender identity and sexual orientation.

UPDATE: In a new piece Tuesday on the same blog Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council has his opportunity to demonstrate his limited intellect:
Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council says the traditional view that biological sex determines gender has been under attack from a number of angles. He goes on to explain that the WIS research "really deals a blow to the idea that there are no significant differences between men and women."
No one has ever claimed that there are no differences between men and women. The “traditional view” means the Bronze Age biblical view which is scientifically irrelevant. Furthermore, the fact that men and women are different is a fundamental reason that people are transgender or gender nonconforming.
The research, he says, may explain why some transgender individuals who have undergone hormone therapy and mutilation surgery don't believe it made them any happier.
The Israeli research on RNA transcription is irrelevant to satisfaction with gender affirming therapies. The medical community is overwhelmingly supportive of those therapies. Antiquated biblical guidance is not only irrelevant but harmful. Shall people be treated by modern scientific medicine or according to superstition?
"That suggests to me that there are underlying issues," Sprigg contends. "Whatever psychological problems, and difficulties, and dysphoria that transgender people may be struggling with, it's not rooted in an idea that they're in the wrong body. It's a psychological issue that needs to be addressed with psychological, mental health care."
Since “Dr.” Sprigg is so devoted to the science today, where is the peer reviewed research published to a mainstream scholarly journal that supports a psychological intervention for gender dysphoria? What evidence is Sprigg relying on to claim that gender dysphoria should be addressed with mental health care? Where are the case studies? Or is Mr. Sprigg — a Baptist minister — trying to conform science to scripture with a form of “reparative” therapy?

Sprigg, who is employed by a hate group, is effectively justifying discrimination based upon gender expression. Why would that be the case one wonders?

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