Monday, May 8, 2017

Hate group claims that Mark Green is a victim of those dastardly LGBTs

Failed Nominee
Mark Green
American Family Association's “news” blog frames it this way “LGBT advocates rip Trump pick Green over Christian values.” If one follows this to its “logical” conclusion then it is AFA's own undoing because they are equating Christian values with bigotry which is a generalization that I would never make. There is a difference between upholding Christian values and assigning LGBT people to second-class citizen status.

Upholding Christian values has nothing to do with anyone other than oneself. If someone thinks that gay sex is sinful, no one is forcing them to have gay sex. I am not at all sure what their argument with transgender people is. I suppose that if one has gender dysphoria and then believes that gender affirmative actions are sinful (which is as preposterous as it sounds) then one can opt to live without having the condition treated. Exactly why anyone would do that — in contrast to renouncing their religious beliefs — will remain bewildering.

Green, you may recall, is the author of Tennessee's senate bill 127. The bill was worse than the garden variety “license to discriminate” measures because it attempts to deliberately obfuscate its purpose. Nevertheless, the effect would be to not only permit, but to encourage, discrimination against people that business owners disapprove of. Green felt it was necessary to disguise the measure. Dishonesty seems to flow generously from these moralists when it suits their purpose.

SB-127 may very well define the difference between upholding religious values and bigotry.

According to AFA:
Green maintains that LGBTQ activists and other Leftists have had a field day tarring and feathering him by twisting his words and demonizing him – mainly by taking his statements out of context.

“[The] liberal Left has cut and spliced my words [to] paint me as a hater,” the Tennessee state legislator asserted …
Just to be sure that AFA is on solid ground they rely on a true genius of important discourse:
“ Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) President Peter LaBarbera agrees that Green – the military hero who interviewed Saddam Hussein the night before his Army capture – has been the undeserving subject of the Left’s wrath.

[T]hose who know Dr. Green – who has used his vast medical experience to provide humanitarian care to poor and underserved populations – say he is far from a ‘hater,’” LaBarbera pointed out. “Green is a highly decorated West Point graduate, a strongly pro-life conservative Christian, a pro-Second Amendment [advocate], [a] Tea Party Republican and a former U.S. Army flight surgeon.”
That's all lovely but Green is a bigot. We judge him on his actions. The US military is a diverse fighting force and senior appointees should be people who understand what that means.
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