Monday, May 15, 2017

Holy Crap! AFA is Selling a Children's Animated "Secret Agent" Series

Ryan Defrates, Secret Agent
At four bucks an episode Ryan Defrates, Secret Agent can be yours. According to American Family Association:
This project is aimed at Christian families who recognize the powerful, but destructive, influence of mainstream entertainment in shaping the worldview of our children. Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent is a half-hour animated action/adventure series about a young spy with a lot to learn. I'm confident that your kids or grandchildren are going to love it. A 13-part series, each episode features a story illustrating strong moral values and a Christian worldview. Moreover, each story presents parents in their God-given roles as sources of wisdom and love. How's that for a twist?
In other words this lands somewhere between Christianist indoctrination and child abuse. As for the kiddies well, they are likely to be quite bored if the preview is any indication. It is witless, humorless and lacking in creativity. The animation is straight out of the 1950s. The hate group does not seem to be a likely source of great creativity or ingenuity and today's kids are relatively sophisticated (despite the efforts of some folks to dumb them down). This has been out for about a month but it's the first time that I have heard of it.

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