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Homeschool Academy Making Children Gay

School Kids
No joke. At least not according to Michael F. Haverluck, our imbecile du jour. Haverluck writes (on behalf of the hate group American Family Association):
popular homeschooling academy is subtly promoting the LGBT lifestyle to children through its instructional online videos that have been widely used around the world by homeschool students, as well as by those attending public and private schools.

Even though a large percentage of homeschoolers across the United States are conservative Christians adhering to biblical values when it comes to human sexuality, the Khan Academy has been quietly infusing its subject matter with pro-LGBT content that attempts to influence children to embrace the LGBT lifestyle.
You cannot make this stuff up. They just keep repeating the same idiocy — undeterred that, for example, about two-thirds of Americans support marriage equality and nearly three-fourths support same-sex relations. It seems that they will never learn that a sexual orientation is not a lifestyle.
“Some of Khan Academy’s free offerings are laced with a politically correct view of homosexuality,” LifeSiteNews reported. “Math, English and other subjects may seem morally neutral, but they are being used to promote ideas and worldviews having nothing to do with Math or English.”
“The lesson is on ‘Irregular Plural Nouns: from 'f' to 'ves.,'” LifeSiteNews’ Mark Hodges introduced as an example. “The unsuspecting student is told to ‘Choose the correct plural noun to use’ in this sentence: 'Brittany and Sofia went to lunch with their _____ every Saturday.' Khan Academy's ‘correct’ answer reveals the gay agenda behind the English ‘problem’: The only choices are ‘wifes’ or ‘wives.’"
Oh how evil. Apparently kids should be kept in the dark. They should not know that gay people exist and that they can legally marry. Mark Hodges, by the way, is an Orthodox priest.

These hate groups insist on quoting other hate groups:
Arthur Schaper, who serves with California Mass Resistance, maintains that the LGBT agenda is being covertly introduced to children by strategically spreading it through numerous disciplines.

"The LGBTQ agenda is forcing recognition of same-sex marriage and transgenderism in core courses of our public education system," Schaper asserted, according to LIfeSiteNews.
Right it's all part of a sinister conspiracy to turn your kids gay. It gets even better:
"This is proof, once again, that the gay agenda has never been about assuring equality for all," Schaper argued, according to LifeSiteNews. "It's about imposing a destructive agenda on our culture and our society, and is determined to undermine Judeo-Christian values and the United States as a whole. It is anti-family, anti-life and anti-biology."
Holy shit! All that? First off, about that “Judeo-Christian” BS. Most Catholics and protestants support same-sex marriage. Jews (including conservatives) overwhelmingly support LGBT rights. What Schaper is referring to is a minuscule but noisy and powerful segment of society because Judeo-Christian values are overwhelmingly about fairness and equality. Schaper's website tells you all you need to know. I cannot find a bio and I confess that the lion looks carnivorous but what do I know?
"The long-term goal to indoctrinate children has been to normalize these destructive behaviors so that these children – as adults – will not only accept homosexuality and transgenderism as normal parts of life, but fight to ensure their protection," the pro-family advocate continued.
Being gay or transgender is not destructive. On the other hand, the same cannot be said for base bigotry. This schmuck needs a basic lesson in human sexuality and its natural variations.
Despite children’s eventual exposure to pro-LGBT educational resources and educators at some point and time, Schaper is optimistic that the younger generation of students will not be easy prey for homosexual activists through their covert curriculum.
Gay people, including gay activists are not predators. On the other hand, those who seek to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else as if they are scientific proclamations are preying on young minds; hoping that they will not become intellectually curious and doing everything possible to prevent them from being critical thinkers.
“Salman Khan has been called the ‘messiah of math,’ and his free, online Khan Academy has been called the future of education, reaching a mind-blowing 10 million students per month,” Inside Philanthropy divulged. “Of course, it has its share of critics. But one thing it has in abundance is friends in high places.”

Growing by leaps and bound in such a short period of time, the increasing popularity and amount of money being poured into these educational resources is a bit concerning to many – and not just because of its LGBT agenda.
And he is possibly a Muslim too. Oh my!
“The Khan Academy has come a long way since it was incorporated in 2008 by retired hedge fund guy Khan, who started it by recording thousands of educational math videos with himself as the teacher,” Inside Philanthropy’s Tate Williams explained. “If you couldn’t tell from the messiah reference, the free online school been insanely hyped, but also drawn skepticism and backlash for undermining credentialed teachers.”
Haverluck is too stupid to realize that home schooling is predicated on “undermining credentialed teachers.” Some Christian mom with a high school diploma should not be home schooling children.
“Khan has grown at an incredible rate in just a few years – no doubt in large part to this team of reform-minded education funders,” Williams impressed. “Now the question is whether its founder's ideas bear fruit and can transform education on the whole, for the better.”

And with the LGBT agenda and other ideologies being inserted into the curriculum, many concerned educators believe that the program will affect children across the globe for the worse.
Really? And just who are those “concerned educators?”

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