Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time for AFA to Trot Out Their Silly Target Boycott Again

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon
By all accounts, AFA's boycott of Target Stores has had no material effect on the company's revenues. Target has had the same policy regarding transgender access for many years. It is headquartered in Minneapolis. Minnesota has protected people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity for nearly 25 years. Minneapolis has strengthened state code. This has become part of Target's corporate culture and no hate group from Tupelo Mississippi is going to change that.

On Tuesday, AFA claims: “Representatives of American Family Association are meeting again today with Target executives.” I seriously doubt that any Target decision maker is going to meet with some religious yahoos.
For more than a year now, the Mississippi-based pro-family group has argued that women and children are at risk of sexual predators who take advantage of the retailer's policy that allows transgender customers and employees to use bathrooms and changing rooms of the gender with which they say they identify.
There is no evidence of any risk. Nor has that been Target's experience over a number of years. Nor is that evidenced by experience throughout Minnesota after nearly 25 years. That kind of rhetoric explains why AFA is designated as a hate group.
AFA president Tim Wildmon and other representatives from his organization are in Minneapolis today to hand over the latest batch of signatures on the petition.
“To Target's credit, both times they have been gracious to meet with us – and I'm sure they will listen to what we have to say again, and hopefully they will change their policy and reverse it,” Wildmon reported yesterday on American Family Radio. "I doubt that'll happen, but hopefully that'll happen because they are hemorrhaging financially.”
The second meeting hasn't happened yet. Accompanying Tim is probably one of his sons, Walker Wildmon, who has been active in this campaign. What a waste of a young mind.

Target (NYSE:TGT) is not hemorrhaging. They missed fourth quarter earnings estimates and reduced guidance going forward due to competition from online retailers. Target reported a very strong first quarter — considerably above estimates and 20% higher than the first quarter last year. For the quarter the company reported revenues over $16 million and net earnings of close to $700 million (in round numbers). Target is a very profitable operation.
Speaking of the policy, the Wall Street Journal reported last month that Target CEO Brian Cornell didn't approve the blog that announced the policy. In fact, WSJ says Cornell was surprised to learn about it and told colleagues he would not have approved the decision to flaunt the policy, one that several retailers have but do not promote.
The policy is the policy. The fact that Target chose to publicize it (and that was done by people fully authorized to do so) should have no effect. “Flaunt” is a loaded word used by hate groups in regards to LGBT people. We are not supposed to be open about who we are. Target is not supposed to be open about its nondiscrimination policy. That upsets the mullahs at AFA. It might be catching.
Wildmon continued: "How many people won't sign a pledge form or boycott form but will boycott anyway? They've lost that kind of business, so we're going to [tell Target executives] If you want any potential to bring these people back into your stores, you're going to have to reverse your policy."
The better question is: How many people will sign a pledge and then shop at Target if they have something at the right price?

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