Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bam-Bam and Elaine Donnelly Arise for a Hate Group

J. Matt Barber
On its "news" blog, American Family Association is heaping praise on Trump for not acknowledging June as Pride Month. According to Chad Groening, writing for the hate group:
It's obvious that radical homosexual groups aren't happy that Donald Trump has thus far chosen not to celebrate June as "LGBT Pride Month" with an official proclamation, like Barack Obama did for several years. LGBT advocacy groups, while not surprised, are calling it "deeply disappointing."
I do not understand how something could be "obvious" to someone who isn't the least bit interested in what LGBT human beings care about. Intellectual curiosity is not in Mr. Groening's repertoire. I, for one, am unhappy with Trump's decision and I am neither radical nor a group. AFA just repeats the same offensive rhetoric and will remain designated a hate group in perpetuity.

Speaking of hateful rhetoric, we can always count on Elaine Donnelly. Donnelly's strenuous opposition over many years to the repeat of Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell was comical. It is worth noting that none of her scare threats (including HIV-infected gang rapes in army showers) have ever come to pass. On Tuesday she was in usual form:
The president deserves praise for not issuing a presidential proclamation, which is a great honor, for what amounts to a special-interest, activist faction,.They have gotten used to having special privileges in the Obama administration. But President Trump has not gone along with that – and we are very grateful.
Special interest activists in search of privilege? Religious zealots like Donnelly exist to acquire Christian privilege and assume Christian supremacy which they claim to be due. Acknowledging the existence and contributions of LGBT people does not endow them with a privilege.

Trump issued proclamations recognizing June as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Homeownership Month, Great Outdoors Month, and National Ocean Month. LGBT people and members of their families represent perhaps 40% of the population. Trump has not demonstrated the most sober judgment over these long last 4-1/2 months.

When it comes to raw anti-LGBT hatred it is quite difficult to outperform Matt "Bam-Bam" Barber. Barber, a one-time club fighter and divorced man took a few too many left hooks to the cranium. One wonders about Mrs. Bam-Bam. In any event:
Matt Barber, constitutional attorney and founder of, is hopeful Trump will stick to his guns and won't issue the proclamation. He recalls that when Obama was in the Oval Office, the White House would often be lit with rainbow colors to celebrate LGBT Pride Month – and then contrasts it with what he has seen since Trump took over.
"Constitutional attorney?" There is no record of Barber representing anyone in any federal court and I have been unable to even verify that the imbecile is licensed to practice law with his correspondence degree from Liberty University. Did he even pass the bar exam?
… But Barber contends Trump needs to go further and instruct agencies under his charge – the State Department, for example – not to support the homosexual agenda. That reminds him of another incident during the Obama years: American embassies flying the rainbow flag in nations where it is an affront to their values.
Barber and the American Family Association apparently do not appreciate the fact that references to the Homosexual Agenda© are not only meaningless but make them look like fools. The important value is an American declaration of fairness and equality. It did not always include LGBT citizens but we have made progress. Barber should consider (he will not) that many (perhaps most) of the countries that are offended by gay people are equally offended by Christians.

The Pride Month proclamation is important. Not to me but to fragile, vulnerable gay kids and their families. The acknowledgement from the White House says that they are important and part of the fabric of our society. That remains true — irrespective of Trump's lack of leadership. Trump measures everything by what is good for "the brand" and he is often wrong. He might have more success if he measured things in terms of the best interests of the United States which is what he is supposed to do.

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