Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Brian S. Brown: "Major New Report Raises Alarm About Transgender 'Therapy'"

Brian S. Brown
No it doesn't (raise any alarms). I am not even going to quote from the text of Brown's BS. As usual Brown is wrong. The article in New Atlantis is not a “report.” It is a literature review that has not been peer reviewed. It was written to achieve a predetermined outcome. It is rife with selective observation. None of the authors are experienced in the treatment of children with gender dysphoria.

The Vatican is no better source on the treatment of gender dysphoria than for the treatment of prostate cancer and should not be taken seriously. Calling it gender ideology is simply dishonest. Mr. Brown disagrees.

Just ten years ago doctors tried to prevent this kids from becoming trans. Children killed themselves. Gender affirmation saves lives by reducing stress and depression with little risk.

I could write a review of the benefits of cigarette smoking by consulting the old research of the Tobacco Institute. The intellectual honesty of the New Atlantis article isn't any better.

Neither Mr. Brown nor the authors of the article in question have any ideas to safely treat pediatric gender dysphoria. The bottom line is that if parents follow the advice of the article in question, children will die. It is a certainty.

More detail here and here.

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