Thursday, June 15, 2017

Conforming Science to Scripture Infects More Than LGBT Rights

It is part of an intellectually dishonest mindset. People obsessed with religion work reason backwards. Rather than an hypothesis they start with a conclusion which they adopt as absolute truth because religious teachings and scripture are presumed to be inerrant. These folks are selective observation prodigies. It is how we end up with junk science. Junk science satisfies a need by offering something that people want to believe. Its accuracy and (oddly enough) probity are irrelevant. The people who produce the junk are either cynics

We are told that Michael J. New is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama and a fellow at the Witherspoon Institute. Mr. New is not listed among the faculty at the political science department at University of Alabama. People associated with Witherspoon Institute are defenders of the faith (Witherspoon's head is an Opus Dei numerary).

New's headline at LifeSiteNews Wednesday reads: “The liberal media is pretending abortion doesn’t cause breast cancer… again.”

That is probably because the only people who claim that there is an association of breast cancer to abortion are anti-abortion religious zealots. For example, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists has sufficiently tortured science and reason to reach a conclusion in conformity with scripture. According to the New York Times, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have rejected that claim, citing, among other research, a 2004 analysis of 53 studies involving 83,000 women that found no link between abortion and a higher rate of cancer.

In other words real scientists who are agnostic with respect to the outcome of research claim that there is no link. The only people who find a link are people determined to bolster their arguments in opposition to reproductive choice.

The LGBT landscape is littered with junk science which is often funded by religious organizations. For example the aforementioned Witherspooon Institute funded Mark Regnerus' study which supposedly proved that gays are crappy parents. It was even peer-reviewed. On closer review it turned out that Regnerus didn't really study any children raised by gay couples. The religious conservatives got more mileage from bovine excrement by claiming that Regnerus was a victim of the Homosexual Agenda©. They just adore their self-manufactured victims, elevating them to star status.

More recently Paul McHugh and Lawrence Mayer did a literature review of LGBT research. They “published” their findings to a pretentious Christian blog claiming to be a scholarly journal which does not submit articles to peer review. The “Mc-Mayer” findings are at odds with a hefty profusion of secular peer-reviewed research published to mainstream academic journals. Literature reviews are a paradigm of selective observation. Nevertheless, smart, well educated people who should know better cite the Mc-Mayer bullshit because it validates their religious beliefs.

Michael J. New just shows us how this is all done. Whether it pertains to LGBT issues or abortion, the process is the same.

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