Monday, June 26, 2017

Even for Brian S. Brown ...

Using the American flag to promote discrimination
Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage has sent an email with the subject “Pray With Us.” There is no text in the message; just the above graphic.

Bible thumping while waving an American flag in order to diminish the rights of a minority group when those rights are of no consequence to Brown or his failed, financially insolvent organization.

Brown's call to prayer is based upon the disapproval of gay people by the Catholic Church. It is inconceivable to the folks at the Vatican that gay people can marry because they are “objectively disordered.” Brown forms few personal opinions that are not based on the teachings of the Church and that is what this is all about.

Never mind that same-sex marriage has had no consequences. Oh, sure, Brown will claim that the half-dozen or so wedding vendors who choose to flout nondiscrimination laws are victims of same-sex marriage but that is idiotic. They are not victims of anything other than their own arrogance and stupidity for believing that they are participants in a marriage that they disapprove of if they sell the couple goods or services. These self-absorbed sanctimonious people wanted attention and they got it.

Well now the Supreme Court has the opportunity to put a wooden stake through the heart of a very moronic meme. I am cautiously hopeful that they will do just that.

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