Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hate Group Demonstrates Uncompromising Ignorance at Every Opportunity

Laurie Higgins
At American Family Association's news blog Laurie Higgins (Illinois Family Institute) is again warning people about "pro-LGBT rules" adopted by Illinois' Department of Children and Family Services. They have not manufactured a victim — yet. Eventually they might find some poor schmuck in the employ of DCFS who will claim to be a Christian who has been discriminated against. At the moment, Higgins and Co. are trolling.

According to our friend at AFA, Charlie Butts (who has the perfect porn name):
The state of Illinois has taken steps to ensure that children who say they are homosexual or transgender are placed in foster homes or adopted by families that will help them remain that way.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has adopted policies concerning placement <sic> children that ignores what they really need according to Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute.
That is supposed to be shocking to conservative Christians wed to the idiotic idea that sexual orientation and gender identity are mutable choices. Intelligent critical thinkers realize that placing LGBT children with religious conservatives only results in creating neurotic kids who will remain gay, trans or gender non-conforming.

Ms. Higgins states the obvious:
What this does," she warns, "is it prohibits the children, minors who identify as LGBTQ, from being placed with any family that believes that homosexuality or cross-dressing or any of the behaviors associated with gender dysphoria are not good or right or helpful for children."
That is correct but I would phrase it differently: It prevents LGBT children from being placed with ignorant religious crackpots. "Cross-dressing?" Ugh.
Christian organizations that deal with the state must act according to the state's edict or get out, and state staff members will be required to undergo training to comply with the rules.
That is too damned bad. DCFS is operated, at taxpayer expense, to serve children and families. Contractors and staff are required to conform to organizational policies — just as they would be required to do so with any private company. No one is forcing anyone to work for, or provide services to, DCFS. Thus far Higgins and her hate group employer have been unable to find a self-manufactured victim.
Higgins notes that transgenders who have undergone hormone therapy, and who stopped the treatment, realized they were not born the wrong gender but may have endured a life-altering tragedy such as molestation or loss of a parent.
Who? Where in the peer-reviewed literature published to a respected journal is there any research correlating gender dysphoria to parental abuse or any other environmental factor?

Parental abuse occurs when conservative Christians deny gender dysphoric children gender-affirming therapies. Doing so greatly increases the distress and the potential for self-harm. The effort to torture medical science to conform to scripture is the very essence of superstition contrasted with faith.

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