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Mainwaring recycles a losing argument

Doug Mainwaring
In February of 2012 Doug Mainwaring wrote (on a Tea Party blog): “The Myth of the Same Sex Marriage Mandate.” It was a mix of conspiracy theorizing combined with the false premise that gays do not want to marry and, thus, should not be permitted to marry. At about the same time, Mainwaring (a gay man and professional Catholic married to a lesbian) was National Organization for Marriage's house faggot. NOM was schlepping the poor schmuck from hearing to hearing to testify about the evils of same-sex marriage.

Tuesday — 5½ years later — Mainwaring is making the same losing argument. This time around his polemic at LifeSiteNews (of course) is titled: “Two years after Obergefell ruling, polls show demand for gay ‘marriage’ a myth.” The word marriage in quotes reminds us that the Catholic Church does not approve. They do not get a say in the matter. Mainwaring relies on a June 22, 2017 chart from Gallup. He cuts it off at the third line. Here is the entire thing:
According to Mr. Mainwaring:
The analysis you won’t read anywhere else

A recent Gallup Poll reveals that facts contradict the popular media narrative about the unbridled joy gay “marriage” has brought to America.

The massive pent-up demand for gay “marriage” never actually existed, and it seems that its establishment across the land has caused gay "marriage" not to flourish but to slow to a plodding, glacial pace.

At the same time, it has caused a sharp spike in the number of gays and lesbians living lives of lonely singlehood, the very thing Justice Kennedy said his ruling would remedy.
Mainwaring is making the same idiotic argument that he made for than five years ago which is that gays do not want to marry. Therefore, they should not be permitted to marry. Nevertheless, it is the law of the land and that's unlikely to ever change.

The percentages obscure the fact that more than one million Americans are now in same-sex marriages. That is a lot of people. Furthermore, Gallup presented the first two columns in November, 2015. Yet, to really appreciate the increases in same-sex marriage one has to look at the numbers prior to United States v. Windsor in 2013 (and the concurrent ruling in Hollingsworth v. Perry). It is hard to get reliable figures but it is safe to say that in 2008 (when Proposition 8 was approved in California) the number of gay married couples was probably less than 1%.

Furthermore, the difference between pre and post-Obergefell represents a 22% increase. The fact that the rate of increase slowed considerably in one year is immaterial. In 2000 (according to the CDC) the marital rate per 1,000 total population was 8.9%. By 2013 that fell to 6.8%. What does that say about the legality of marriage overall? Is it time for every whackadoo to crank out a friend of the court brief?

One of the rows that Mainwaring conveniently left out was the divorce rate for gay couples which continues to decline. But when it comes to marriage and divorce there is so much data available that we can prove or disprove anything that we want There exists a data-set for just about any determined essayist.

Obergefell v. Hodges wasn't decided on the basis of demand or statistics. Rather it was decided on the bases of Equal Protection and Due Process. The overall support for marriage equality was probably a factor and that support continues to increase. I suspect that there is a strong correlation to the length of time that same-sex marriage has been legal which is telling. The effect of marriage equality is limited to the gay couples thus married.

Mainwaring wants to paint a dismal picture of miserable, lonely gay people and that is probably not the case. Indeed, Mainwaring finds himself married to a woman he is not attracted to and without a career. If anyone is lonely and miserable it is Mainwaring.

For the first time in the lives of many gay people they are on an equal footing in the workplace with heterosexuals. Whereas I had to find a woman to accompany me to corporate functions they can attend with same-sex date in tow. That is due, at least in part, to the ruling in Obergefell.

Mainwaring is careful to put the word marriage in quotes. It's not real marriage. I find that interesting given that Mainwaring is a gay man in a marriage of convenience for religious conformity. So whose marriage is the pretender? Seriously.

Doug Mainwaring
This all seems to be taking a toll. Compare the picture at the top of this piece to his photo from just four years ago.

It is the price that one pays for not being truthful to himself.

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