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NOM's Impressive Marriage March

NOM's marriage march on its arrival at the Supreme Court
Photo via Right Wing Watch
Right Wing Watch has the photos. Brian S. Brown and National Organization for Marriage have laid another rotten egg. Take away NOM staff and some curious onlookers and we wonder if anyone showed up for the 2017 March for Marriage.

Adding to the shame is the fact that they have been raising money off this silly event since at least May 1 with this missive from Mr. Reverse-Midas himself:
May 1, 2017:

…I'm writing to ask for your help with the upcoming 2017 March for Marriage, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 17th in Washington, DC!…

Brown even had the temerity to claim to have a “matching donor” which is nonsense to begin with. How much did they raise off this event and where did the money go?

Brown's earlier (April 27) diatribe promoting this idiocy is here.
If you look closely you can see some loons in red sashes. Those are
warriors for the faith from the Tradition, Family & Property cult.
The graphics are recycled from prior years.
Photo via Right Wing Watch
In spite of it all, Brown assured the few participants that NOM would triumph over Obergefell. We are coming up on the two year anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark ruling. None of NOM's promised catastrophes have occurred as a result of national marriage equality.

Brown spouted some gibberish about how his warnings of three-person marriage have come to pass. He didn't and they haven't. And, of course, there is always the continuing loop that religious liberty has been compromised. That is based on a handful of wedding vendors who refuse to comply with state and local laws affecting public accommodations. We know their names; the florist, the photographer, two bakers and a venue.

Miranda Blue captured a quote from Brown comparing NOM to abolitionists:
We are on the side of truth. We are on the side of true human rights, we are on the side of true civil rights. And in every fight for civil rights, it took a creative minority who were willing to stand up and speak truth to power no matter what the cost. And you know what? There may not be thousands of us here today. It doesn’t matter. There were only a few that stood with William Wilberforce when he stood up and said ‘no’ to the slave trade in England. He was mocked, he was derided, he was laughed at. We remember him as a hero now, because ultimately his life’s work was successful, but it wasn’t successful in his own lifetime.
Get a grip Bri! No one with a reasonably functional cerebral cortex believes that your “civil rights” are violated because of marriage equality. The idea that you are fighting for civil rights is absurd. Even more outrageously ludicrous is the notion that allowing gay couples to marry is somehow the equivalent of permitting the international kidnapping and then ownership of human beings as slaves who can be worked to death, tortured or murdered according the whims of their “owners.”

When Brown says that they are on the side of truth what he means is that they are bent on imposing the teachings of the Catholic Church which they uncritically accept as truth no matter how idiotic or ridiculous. The Church does not approve of gay people. In fact, the Church does not really acknowledge the existence of gay people. The Church vehemently disapproves of same-sex marriage. These concepts constitute Brown's “truth.” It's all based upon ancient anonymous texts of dubious provenance.

With about two-thirds of our citizenry now supporting marriage equality and no real consequences, it is hard to imagine that even a conservative Court would defy precedent and reverse Obergefell. The Supreme Court reverses injustices from time to time. Not agreeing with the teachings of the Catholic Church isn't an injustice to anyone.

Brown, by the way, gave three examples: Dred Scott, Buck v. Bell and Roe v. Wade.

Dred Scott v. Sandford (enforcing slavery) was never reversed by the Supreme Court. It was reversed by constitutional amendment. Buck v. Bell (permitting states to effect compulsory sterilization of those deemed to be mentally defective) has never been reversed. Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land. Brown needs to perfect his rhetoric.

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