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Polemicist: Be very kind but that does not include trans and gay people

Vincent Weaver
Circa 2013 photo of Vincent Weaver or
@ChastityMan via Twitter
Vincent Weaver has no bio at National Catholic Register. He seems to be a professional Catholic whose Twitter handle is @ChastityMan. Thursday, Weaver writes: “Be Kind, But Don't Kill People With Kindness.” The subtitle of this mess reads:
Jesus told us not to judge. But he also obligated us to address harmful behaviors and told us that “The Truth will set you free”.
Weaver's truth doesn't really mean truth. Not at all. Truth to Weaver means the uncritical acceptance of Church teachings in spite of the fact that many of those pronouncements are the product of Bronze Age beliefs. Other Church edicts reflect the opinions of priests and prelates who have no scientific training or experience.

What is most irritating about this and similar pieces is the author's proposition that he is an authority on human sexuality. What medical school did he go to?

Eventually we get to the crux of this nonsense. These people are always so painfully verbose:
Our society has now taken this false notion of kindness to the extreme. We have people who are confused about their gender identity and the popular response is to actually encourage them to ‘be’ a gender that defies their DNA. Yes, some will argue that there are biological exceptions which skew genetically assigned sex, but these are extremely rare mutations and often result in the death of the zygote at very early stages of development. In other words, this argument is a red herring. 
I cannot find a bio for this guy but it is probably safe to say that he is not a medical doctor. According to the science Weaver is clueless.
  • People with gender dysphoria are not confused.
  • For most people gender and sex are congruent. For others that is not the case.
  • Gender dysphoria causes discomfort that can be quite severe in some individuals.
  • There is no known medical intervention to treat gender dysphoria. Gender affirmation addresses the discomfort and greatly reduces the potential for self-harm.
Moving along:
The real issue here is people who are struggling with a psychological disorder known as ‘gender dysphoria’ or ‘gender identity disorder’ (GID). Genuine kindness in this case would involve unconditional love and compassion for the person – no doubt that is needed. But it also involves speaking the truth as guidance is provided to help them find the counseling they need from those who won’t lie to them just to protect their feelings.
This imbecile is profoundly confused. For starters, gender dysphoria is a condition, not a disorder and people only “struggle” with their sexuality because of people like Weaver. The psychiatric community has replaced “gender identity disorder” with “gender dysphoria” to more accurately describe the condition as a discomfort. In addition there is no counseling to address gender dysphoria. That would be a form of “reparative therapy” which is offered by religious crackpots. Therefore, none of this verbiage is truthful. Telling people with gender dysphoria that they are confused and need psychological counseling is not “unconditional love and compassion.” That is hate crafted from an absurd effort to conform science to scripture.

I told you that Weaver's understanding of truth consists of the unscientific proclamations of Vatican eunuchs combined with ancient texts and maybe a little Aquinas thrown in for good measure. But wait, there's more:
Is it really healthy to encourage someone to ‘embrace’ an identity that is objectively unhealthy? Those who are struggling with their gender identity are about 10 times more likely to attempt suicide and engage in self-injury. They’re also far more likely to commit suicide (25x more likely, though this figure is higher in some studies).
Weaver is correct. People with gender dysphoria have higher rates of self-harm. Gender affirmation significantly reduces that potential. What Weaver is suggesting only increases the discomfort and, thus, increases the possibility of suicide. Moreover, the younger people are treated for gender dysphoria the better the outcomes long term. This is not something that should be addressed by meddling amateurs like Mr. Weaver.

The next part is downright special:
GID is also connected to same-sex attraction. Very young children who struggle with this can be helped, often by the way their parents engage with the child. Absent, hostile, or overly-meek fathers combined with domineering or attachment issues with mothers are frequent factors when GID is present, as is sexual abuse. So, should a young child then be encouraged to ‘embrace’ feelings of same-sex attraction, or should they get the love and guidance that might be genuinely helpful and address the root issue? Might it be worth noting that 70-75% of adolescents who indicate they’ve experienced same-sex attraction have no such feelings by the age of 25?
Aside from the fact that “GID” is deprecated, gender identity and sexual orientation are completely different issues. There is no peer-reviewed study published to a mainstream scholarly journal to correlate sexual abuse to either sexual orientation or gender identity.

As for that 70-75%, Weaver points to an article in LifeSiteNews which addresses a reputable study which doesn't say what they claim it says. Gay teens become gay adults. If anything, young adults are more likely to have come to terms with their sexuality if they happen to be gay.

The investigators explain the discrepancy:
(1) gay adolescents going into the closet during their young adult years; (2) confusion regarding the use and meaning of romantic attraction as a proxy for sexual orientation; and (3) the existence of mischievous adolescents who played a “jokester” role by reporting same-sex attraction when none was present.
They dismiss the first explanation. What is obviously at issue is the initial data; defining who is gay through ambiguous instrumentation.
Shouldn’t we start asking questions about why those who act on same-sex attraction experience significantly higher rates of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in relationships, as well as higher rates of suicide attempts and drug and alcohol abuse? To say such increased rates are simply because of a societal stigma doesn’t hold water, as similar rates exist in the Netherlands where ‘gay marriage’ has long been accepted.
Weaver does not provide links to support any of that. Moreover, as a matter of respect, gay people want to be called “gay” and not “someone with same-sex attraction.” In polite society we address people as they prefer to be addressed. Furthermore, no scientist uses the phrase “same-sex attraction.” That is religious nomenclature designed to liken sexual orientation to something like a predisposition to abuse drugs. It is untrue and it is offensive. Gay people do have higher rates of suicide (although it is declining). Scientists (not religious nuts) attribute this to the Meyer Minority Stress Model. Weaver and his ilk contribute to that stress. They are purveyors of unhappiness due to a slavish devotion to ancient chronicles.

And then:
A wonderful apostolate known as “Courage” can provide help in this area. www.cou” Also, check out the online movie, “The Desire of the Everlasting Hills”.
“Wonderful?” How about superstition and religious bullshit. Gay people are not sick. They do not need to be cured. It is a scientific fact that attempts to change sexual orientation do not work and are potentially harmful. People can choose to be celibate. That is a heavy price to pay for ancient beliefs about sexuality that are probably misinterpreted.

The eventual conclusion is self-absorbed, arrogant gibberish:
To fail to love someone in any of these situations is failing in kindness. But, to say nothing or to not be honest with people is false kindness. In some cases, we may literally be killing them with kindness of this sort. Jesus told us not to judge (people). But, he also obligated us to address harmful behaviors and told us that “The Truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32). Let’s practice a religion of kindness that is the real deal. Gentle. Caring. Helpful.
Being trans or gay is not harmful. It is oppression that is harmful. Real kindness means accepting people for who they are.

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