Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Speaking of Diminished Intellect ...

And by the way it's “judgment” — just one e
We can always count on the tag team of AFA's Charlie Butts and Greg Quinlan (of some obscure New Jersey hate group) to submit, for our entertainment and review, examples of their incapacity to grasp simple concepts.

On Wednesday at American Family Association's “news” blog, Butts writes: “Celebrating mental illness Jersey-style.” Mr. Butts is apparently proud of his employer's designation as a hate group because his headline refers to transgender children. AFA will be labeled a hate group in perpetuity.

The subtitle of this inept polemic reads:
New Jersey educators and students may pay a high price if a transgender bill makes it into law.
And the baton is passed:
The Transgender Education Protection Act has passed the New Jersey Senate 26-9, sending the bill to the General Assembly where it is expected to pass.

Citing the bill, Greg Quinlan of the Center for Garden State Families says students must be addressed by their preferred proper name and pronoun that corresponds to their identity.
Apparently that kindness and politeness will cause the world to come to an end.
"Not with the reality of their sex," says Quinlan, "but with their gender identity. So in other words student <sic> and faculty must lie to this student about who they are. It effectively mandates lying."
Quinlan does make things easy for a sarcastic essayist like me. No Greg, It's is not a lie to respect someone's gender. There is this thing called medical science (what your privately refer to as those Jewish atheists). Just to make you miserable those scientists got together and decided that natal sex and gender are not always congruent. Silly them.
Even if students and faculty don't agree with the policy, they must comply to avoid creating a hostile environment for the transgender student.
That's right. It's not a matter of opinion nor need we take a survey. We are going to treat some of our most vulnerable children with kindness. We are not going to intentionally make life more difficult for them.
Quinlan calls the bill "another mandated forced falsehood" that promotes a mental disorder known by the American Psychological Association as gender dysphoria.
Actually that would be the American Psychiatric Association (yes, more Jewish atheists in your mind). They have a lot of letters in common and even the same initials but the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association are not the same. That's also a contradiction in terms. A dysphoria is not a disorder. A dysphoria is a condition — a discomfort. And while bigoted, judgmental and ignorant fools create unnecessary added discomfort they are referring to the unease caused by gender that is not consistent with natal sex.

It's not really all that complicated. Correct pronouns matching gender are not a falsehood and they promote nothing. Quinlan and his ilk are so self-absorbed that everything is about them. This is not about them. This is about gender dysphoric kids.
"What happens to the student, faculty and staff that refuse to violate their conscience and reality of the students biological sex. What penalties are assessed?" he asks. "How are the rights and the civil liberties of the school's population protected and served to accommodate the lie of another?"
That has to be the silliest argument that I have read today. People who insist on demonstrating their disapproval of something that's not up for a vote will face the same consequences as any other bully. Being uncivil, discourteous and intentionally hurting others is neither a civil liberty nor a right. It is certainly not some form of religious prerequisite. I am sure that speed limits, paying taxes and returning library books bother some people's consciences. Oddly though being cruel to little children does not. At least not for Greg Quinlan or Charlie Butts.

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