Friday, June 23, 2017

With a Skittles boycott British bigots are out to prove that they are as nutty as their American counterparts

Skittles drops its rainbow for white packaging to celebrate Pride
That's right, England's Christian Institute wants us all to know (via Charisma) “Why You Should Stop Eating Skittles Right Now.” I have a vision of John Oliver with that feigned serious expression saying “Right Now!” Making matter worse is the fact that the director of Christian Institute is one Colin Hart who is obviously no relation. Yet, it remains terribly painful.

It seems that they do not approve of the British company Tesco (a US $70 billion dollar enterprise that employs about a half-million people). Tesco is a supermarket giant and has other ventures such as a bank. These folks don't approve of Skittles either. Skittles is a Wrigley brand.
Tesco has come under fire for a joint promotion with confectionary brand Skittles to celebrate Pride in London—a gay rights festival.

All-white packets of Skittles are being sold in stores across the UK alongside explanatory text which reads: "During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we've given ours up to show support."
How dare they? That all sounds just terrible!
Skittles' brand owner Wrigley said its decision to drop the iconic rainbow branding from packets is intended to show support for Pride in London and "celebrate diversity and inclusion."

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said people should know that Tesco has gone "out of its way" to back the LGBT agenda.

"Why do any kind of sweets need to be politicized? People should be able to buy their favorite confectionary without being forced to consume a political message as well."
Tesco, it seems, is overwhelmingly popular with its employees and suppliers. They also donate about US $50 million to charity each year while raising an additional $35 million annually. What has the Christian Institute ever done to help anyone in need? It seems like the illicit offspring of a marriage between Liberty Counsel and American Family Association.

Regarding Tesco:
… in recent years the supermarket has been named as a "gold" supporter of Pride in London.

This year, it has pledged to create a large float for the gay pride march and hand out free drinks and sweets to those in attendance.

Pride in London takes place between June 24 and July 9. All-white Skittles will be sold in Tesco stores until September this year.

In 2012, Tesco named Cancer Research as its charity of the year. The supermarket is currently an official partner of the Race for Life. Tesco estimates that it has raised over 20 million pounds for the event.
Race for Life raises money for cancer research. What's there to complain about? How does showing some kindness to LGBT people so offend these people? Surely they must have better things to do.

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