Saturday, July 1, 2017

A hate group leader has found a new anti-LGBT cause

Mat Staver
Mat Staver is a man of mediocre intellect who
sets himself up as an apostle
Mat Staver, leader of Liberty Counsel does not like police cars displaying rainbows during pride parades.

Mat Staver has devoted a good portion of his life to denigrating people he disapproves of. Staver's obsession is irrational and coupled with a comic book villain's mean streak. I am no expert but Staver's abject hatred of LGBT people is certainly not Jesus-like. Is this a manifestation of Staver's insecurity? Seeking a rational explanation to irrational behavior is probably pointless. However, there has to be some explanation for what can only be described as evil madness.

According to Charlie Butts at another hate group, American Family Association:
Government agencies, including police departments, have raised a question during "gay pride" month that a constitutional attorney suggests ought to be answered.

In Houston, Texas, a police car draped in the rainbow flag was used in the local "pride" parade. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, police cars displayed a rainbow decal during the month.
You can add Miami Beach to that list. “Constitutional attorney” my ass. Staver's agenda is Christian privilege and that is unconstitutional.
As for the officers using the vehicles, Liberty Counsel attorney and founder Mat Staver says it confronts them with an agenda that is “in your face” and may violate their religious convictions.

“They have not only a constitutional right under the First Amendment and the state constitutions, but they also have federal, local and state law protections with regard to religious discrimination,” he explains, “and the employers need to protect and accommodate that religious objection.”
What Staver dearly wants to say is that we are “shoving the Homosexual Agenda™ down their throats.” The notion that a religious objection would be either reasonable or rational is ridiculous. The idea that this constitutes discrimination of some kind is even more preposterous. Of course anything is possible.
While these departments appear to bend over backward supporting the LGBT agenda, when police departments have other types of decals on vehicles – displaying such phrases as the national motto – they are sued.
Bullshit. Who sued based upon what? “Jesus Saves” won't cut it as the Constitution prohibits government recognition of religion. Gay pride parades are not similarly limited.
"That's the difficult problem that we have today with the left agenda," Staver responds. "If you have 'In God We Trust' or anything religious or something that's part of our real history in America, they're going nuts – but then they want to put these rainbow flags and rainbow colors onto the government police vehicles and other kinds of agencies and, even as Obama did, on the White House itself."
The only limitation is the Establishment Clause. The guy who claims to be a constitutional attorney should know that. When Obama lit up the Wite House Staver probably had to check into the ER. The man is obsessed. Irrational. The medical term is “nuts.”
The attorney describes it as "shameful and clearly a political agenda." He also told OneNewsNow that any officer or other government employee compelled to promote the LGBT agenda against their will can contact his legal firm.
“Shameful?” That's Staver in, well … a nutshell. LGBT people are expected to be ashamed of who they are because of Staver's literal interpretation of ancient chronicles. Let us not forget that Staver is a young earth creationist who actually believes that the universe is less than 10,000 years old in spite of a staggering amount of evidence to the contrary. What I find shameful is Staver's attempt to manufacture victims. The man is personally responsible for millions of dollars of taxpayer money lost every year to court costs in vexatious litigation expenses.

You cannot successfully argue with an idiot and you cannot make sense of a crackpot. Embracing Christian supremacy seems to be all that is required to satisfy Butts and AFA.

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