Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Anti-trans is anti-LGBT - putting the entire community at risk

Attacking transgender people means attacking the science. It is thus an attack on the gay community as well.
The Crusades never really ended
Transgender people are now serving as a proxy for the religious conservatives' war on sexual diversity. North Carolina served as a perfect example of this phenomenon. When the state essentially outlawed trans kids, at the very same time they nullified all local LGBT nondiscrimination laws that offered some protections to gay people in some locales.

More importantly, they are going after all of our community's children as they relentlessly attack trans kids and their parents. At the same time they are attacking gay kids and kids who are being parented by gay couples. At the end of the day they are insisting that sexual orientation and sexual identity are a choice. At the moment they are doing so primarily through attacks on transgender children but we are all under siege.

These self-righteous blowhards are claiming — no matter how hard they try to couch their language in “love” and “compassion” — that we are all perverts. Personally, I do not want their love because it is conditioned on accepting biblical values based on ancient screeds that have little meaning in the modern world. I do not require their compassion because there is nothing wrong with us. Our only suffering is at their hands so they can “stuff” the compassion BS.

Some good news for a change:

Across the pond (in spite of Brexit) people seem to be saner, perhaps less superstitious in the true sense of the word. The Church of England, by an overwhelming majority has voted to accept trans people. Last Sunday, the church's general synod voted 284 to 78 in favor of a motion to affirm transgender people in parish churches and offer special liturgy services to mark their gender transition.

At the same time the synod voted to denounce conversion therapy in total (not just for children). The motion calls the practice “harmful” and “dangerous” saying “people may be able to alter their behavior but they can never alter their innate desire.” That “behavior” part gives me pause but at least it is in the right direction.

Closer to home things are more troubling:

One headline at Charisma Tuesday reads: “'Kids Endangered by Puberty Blockers,' Academics Warn.” Another is at Christian News Network: “Children Endangered by Puberty Blockers, Medical Experts Warn.” The message of these screeds (written by England's Christian Institute) is that the posting of Hruz, McHue and Mayer to the New Atlantis, a conservative Christian blog, is somehow authoritative.

One of the authors, Paul Hruz, is an endocrinologist. His own professional organization, The Endocrine Society, supports the use of both puberty blockers and eventually hormones in children suffering from gender dysphoria. The other two authors, Paul McHugh and Lawrence Mayer, are both — consistently — at odds with their peer group, the American Psychiatric Association.

Christian News Network paraphrases with:
Giving out hormone blockers to “pause” puberty “endangers” young children, medical experts have warned.

In an article published in the New Atlantis science journal, experts warned against using hormone-suppressing drugs to encourage gender-confused children to “transition.”
It is worth noting that none of the three has ever treated children with gender dysphoria. Hence they are not “medical experts.” And, of course, these kids are not “gender-confused.” They could just as easily be writing that gay children can be “cured” and McHugh has done just that at some point I am certain. They do not need to be cured and kids with gender dysphoria need not suffer. Gender affirmation removes the anxiety and depression. Remove the societal stressers and these children are perfectly healthy and happy.

I want to quote one comment from the Christian News Network Piece. It provides no information about gender dysphoria or trans kids. Rather it gives us some insight into what people think due to the influence of the anti-LGBT propaganda.
Sister Boogie

Totally aside from the health issues, this is just plain evil, letting these mentally disturbed parents get away with this. If they would send adults like these to prison, you can bet your boots that this disgusting exploitation of children would become much less common.
That's right. Parents who follow the best medical advice should be locked up. I shudder to think that gender dysphoria doesn't skip conservative Christian households. The person who wrote that comment could easily have a child in need of proper care.

They'll be back.

Soon enough they will be back to attacking gays and the entire LGBT community. They do not approve of us and never will. It's important for all kids to know that LGBT people don't have a problem. The sanctimonious fools have the problem. They want to live in a theocracy some 200 years or more ago. It is equally important for all of us to fight for the “T.” It is incumbent upon us to demonstrate not only unity but our complete and fervent lack of tolerance for injustice.

The push-back is working. Do we have the motivation to sustain it?

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