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Damn, these people have an insatiable need to feel victimized

Tim Gill
Tim Gill
By now many of you have read Andy Kroll's June 23 piece in Rolling Stone about Tim Gill. Mr. Gill has spent a great deal of money financing LGBT equality. Gill, a Republican, is currently focused on the Bible  Belt. His goal is nondiscrimination protections in every state.

Among the more than 4,500 words in Kroll's piece are these 89 words that are driving the religious right over the cliff. (Keep in mind that they want to be driven over the cliff. Being victimized is part of the ethos):
More broadly, for Gill and his allies, nondiscrimination is the new front of the movement: a campaign that pits LGBTQ advocates against a religious right that responded to marriage equality by redoubling its efforts. The election of Donald Trump, who claims to support gay rights but stocked his administration with anti-LGBTQ extremists, has only emboldened those looking to erase the gains of the past decade. Gill refuses to go on the defense. “We're going into the hardest states in the country,” he says. “We're going to punish the wicked.”
Aly Nielsen
Aly Nielsen
Today's persecution complex is brought to you by Aly Nielsen from Newsbusters provided by Charisma. The title of Nielsen's opus magnum is “Gay Activist Wants to 'Punish' the Religious Right.” It begins rather poorly:
LGBTQ activist Tim Gill wants to “punish the wicked” who oppose gay marriage. And part of his agenda includes giving $5.25 million to 25 media groups between 2003 and 2015.

Gill told Rolling Stone “we're going to punish the wicked” on the “religious right” as part of a shift to focus on nondiscrimination. According to Rolling Stone, Gill is "the nation's most powerful force for LGBTQ rights."
The phrase “religious right” is never attributed to Gill. It is used twice in the piece by Mr. Kroll and not in this context. Nor is this about marriage. In other words, Ms. Nielsen is being intellectually dishonest. The second sentence of that paragraph is also incoherent (actually rather moronic). She is mixing past with future (past expenditures with a future agenda) and none of that is in the article. (5.25 million ÷ 13 years) ÷ 25 groups = about $16 thou per group per year. Who cares?

And while we are on the subject of money, every nickel that Gill spends is money that Gill earned. Newsbuters is part of Media Research Center which also controls American, Inc., L. Brent Bozell III, proprietor. Bozell's money is largely inherited and most of what his operation spends is donated. From donations he takes compensation of about $465 thousand per year. His organizations drop more than $15 million every year to deny LGBT people the benefit of Equal Protection and Due Process. The uber-Catholic Bozell is a staunch Defender of the Faith™ and then some. Bozell's bigotry seems to extend to African-Americans as well based on some statements that he has made.

Getting back to Ms. Nielsen's polemic:
Not once between June 29, and July 26, have the broadcast network news programs mentioned Gill's comments. Nor have they covered the strong backlash from conservative media like The Washington Times and The Federalist.
There isn't anything to report. It is faux persecution and victimization because “punish the wicked” is a figure of speech. Most people are smarter than Newsbusters' constituency. Mr. Gill is not in a position to punish anyone and, to the best of my knowledge, he never has. What is he going to do? Send Franklin Graham to his room with no supper? Or is this just an attempt to suggest that no one on the religious right is wicked?

I do not know what Tim Gill's criteria is but I will share mine. I do not care what anyone thinks or believes. However when those beliefs are turned into actions designed to denigrate the LGBT community that is prima facie wickedness. As far as I am concerned the current pope is wicked. He spreads misinformation about gender identity and gender dysphoria, calling it gender ideology. It is rather ironic given that it is religious ideology that causes the pope to promote the false notion of gender ideology. The pope has plenty of company when it comes to transgender folks and he is responsible for much of it.

If you think that, because I am gay I am objectively disordered, I could not care less. But if, because of that, you attempt to limit my rights or diminish my equality then you are probably wicked. Indeed, if you think that being gay is a curable disease, so what? But if you campaign against my rights with the utterly false notion that sexual orientation is a choice, well then you are probably wicked. The path to wickedness is the determination to conform science to scripture. No rational person believes that being LGBT is a choice. Critical thinkers start with a hypothesis and go with the evidence. Religious conservatives start with a conclusion. Then, using selective observation, they will find “evidence” to support a predetermined outcome. Just about anything goes if it is what the self-righteous want to hear. A blog post by a chiropractor is the equal of a peer-reviewed article published by a prominent scientist in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Nielsen continues:
MRC Business reached out to the public media organizations that had received funding, asking whether the Gill's comments reflected their own views and if they would sever financial ties with Gill based on his comments.

Only one group provided a comment following MRC's request. One other group said it does not discuss donations.

"We will not refuse future support, nor will we return any support we have received this year," Aspen Public Radio Executive Director Carolyne Heldman said in an email, "We may or may not agree with Mr. Gill's mission, but our job is to uphold everyone's right to freedom of speech, a free press, and fair, unbiased reporting and storytelling."
First of all, who gives a flying fart about MRC Business? Secondly, why would anyone give two shits about Gill's figure of speech? This is only an issue because they want it to be an issue because they enjoy the misery of feeling persecuted (incorrectly most of the time). And who turns away money? It is frustrating because I am part of a minority community that really is persecuted by the very people obsessed with portraying themselves as victims. Worst of all, they persecute the children in my community, either because they are LGBT or because they are being raised by a gay couple. Sometimes the bigotry is direct and sometimes they are misinforming parents. Either way, it is a sad commentary on the sanctimonious twits who comprise the religious right.

Shame on Nielson for her intellectual dishonesty. Shame on Bozell for being an all-around schmuck. Shame on every cretin who thinks that religion provides a justification for discrimination.

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