Monday, July 3, 2017

Hate group leader Linda Harvey is now a LifeSiteNews contributor

Linda Harvey
Linda Harvey has a piece up today on LifeSiteNews titled: “National teachers’ union wants to kick ex-homosexual educators out of convention.” Harvey actively competes with Peter LaBarbera for inane bigotry honors and mediocrity of wit. I rarely write about either of them because the lunatic fringe is not worth the wear and tear on my keyboard. LaBarbera is also a regular contributor to LifeSite.
Welcome to America, the land of the free — unless you belong to the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union.

This increasingly radical arm of far-left politics always has its national meeting over Fourth of July week and guess what is on the table at its meeting right now in Boston?

They are proposing to expel the exhibitors of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators’ Caucus.

All in the name of tolerance and diversity, of course.
No Ms. Harvey. It is because “ex-gay educators” is oxymoronic. They are conservative Christian crackpots promoting an idea that is rejected by science. Every major medical and counseling peer organization has concluded that sexual orientation is innate and immutable and that efforts to change sexual orientation are both ineffective and potentially toxic.
In point of fact, so-called ex-gays are either bisexual or gay people who have learned how to pretend to be heterosexual. They don't seem to exist among any group other than conservative Christians which is telling. Moreover, the so-called ex-gays that we encounter always seem to have an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay.

The presence of these people in this manner means that they are promoting an anti-gay agenda. It is born of ignorance and discriminatory.
Here’s the resolution, published this morning in the convention agenda:

"Be it moved that the NEA implement its own rules and regulations on ‘Becoming an Exhibitor’ to NEA caucuses AND IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE EXHIBIT ENTITLED ‘NEA EX-GAY EDUCATORS’ from the exhibit hall on the grounds that this exhibit violates existing NEA exhibitor standards. These standards state that Exhibitors may not distribute materials that are offensive, distracting, or discriminatory."
Yes Ms. Harvey. Ex-gays falsely claim that sexual orientation is a choice which underpins discrimination and bigotry. At the risk of repeating myself, educators should not be promoting something that is contrary to the overwhelming consensus of science and medicine.
Leaving homosexuality is “discriminatory?” Only among those afraid of the power of that option! And to whom is this hope “offensive?” To radical homosexuals and their allies.

Have you had it with left-wing fascism trying to cloak itself in civil rights’ lingo? Please make some calls right now — please be polite — and here is some contact information:
No Ms. Harvey. If someone decides, for religious reasons, not to have gay encounters that's their business. When they promote “change is possible” that is a problem. It is not only dishonest but potentially harmful. We are who we are regardless of religious opprobrium. Moreover, if “radical homosexuals” are gay people seeking Equal Protection and Due Process then count me in. To suggest that nondiscrimination is fascism in intellectually dishonest. Shocking, I know.

Ms. Harvey's Mission America is an anti-LGBT hate group. Based in Columbus, Ohio is has an operating budget less than $20,000. More than half of that is self-funded.

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