Monday, July 10, 2017

Heritage editor uses offensive Third Reich reference to smear GuideStar and SPLC

Ken McIntyre
Ken McIntyre
As a Jew I find it highly offensive to compare relative trivialities to the Nazi extermination machine. An entire branch of my family literally went up in smoke. I don't know much about Ken McIntyre other than the fact that he is a senior editor of Heritage Foundation's blog, Daily Signal. I have written about him once before.

Monday, McIntyre has penned: “We Hear You: GuideStar, Parroting SPLC, Loses Way in ‘Hate Group’ Rhetoric.” I do not mean to suggest that GuideStar's work or the work of Southern Poverty Law Center is trivial. Not at all. It's just that no one will die or has died because GuideStar chose to include SPLC's hate group designation in its information.

McIntyre assembled alleged comments from readers including this (emphasis per original):
Dear Daily Signal: Good information on what is wrong in America (“Nonprofit Tracker Smears Dozens of Conservative Organizations as ‘Hate Groups’”). Lists that a hate group creates should not be deemed credible. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a proven record of being a hate group in its own right.

How GuideStar could consider using the SPLC for honest input—or input of any organization like it—goes beyond sane thinking.

Germany went through a similar thing in the 1930s, turning the good people into criminals and then murdering them. It is a well-known fact that history repeats itself when history is suppressed. But we are fortunate to have many who know history and will not let truth die.—Don Cauley
I don't know who Don Cauley is nor do I care. The entire comment is idiotic. Exactly why McIntyre would choose to print a comment with that Third Reich reference is anyone's guess. It reflects spectacularly poor judgment. It is also disgraceful.

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