Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hilarious headline from LifeSiteNews

The staunch Defenders of the Faith at LifeSiteNews don't get satire or humor. If they did they would never run with this headline:

Here’s how one saintly pope would clean up gay orgies at the Vatican.

They go on to explain (the folks are LifeSiteNews are not big fans of Pope Francis):
The Vatican under Pope Francis has been completely silent after news recently broke of a high-ranking monsignor who was arrested some two months ago in the act of hosting a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy in a building right next to St. Peter’s Basilica.
Oops. Later:
During the height of the Renaissance, homosexuality among the clergy was no small problem. Pope Pius V, who was later canonized, directly combatted what he called the “horrible crime” of homosexual practices among the clergy by setting down strict directives.

“That horrible crime, on account of which corrupt and obscene cities were destroyed by fire through divine condemnation, causes us most bitter sorrow and shocks our mind, impelling us to repress such a crime with the greatest possible zeal,” he wrote in his 1568 Apostolic Constitution Horrendum illud scelus.
After all, what could be more compelling when it comes to human sexuality than 16th century screeds? For perspective, common deadly diseases included: Smallpox, measles, malaria, chicken pox, typhus, scarlet fever and, of course, the plague. Most “cures” for the plague involved some form of superstition to drive out evil spirits. A common remedy, however, was rubbing swollen parts with warm butter, onion and garlic (I'm not making this up). But I digress.
It is interesting to note that Saint Pius V never shrunk from the duty of his high office with statements such as “who am I to judge.” Rather, he combatted homosexuality “with the greatest possible zeal.”

Pius V decreed that not only were active homosexual clergy to be removed from the “clerical order,” but they were to be handed over to the “secular authority” for punishment.
That is very interesting. As of 1532 the death penalty applied. Oh, those good old days.
Rev. John Zuhlsdorf, a Catholic blogger, wrote that Satan especially attacks clergy because their “influence extends over many souls.”
“If I were Pope, I would weekly send exorcists around the curial offices to clean house. If I were a bishop, I would weekly send priests around blessing the workspaces of the chancery and sprinkling holy water and even blessed salt,” he added.
Apparently they are still trying to drive out evil spirits and they wonder how is it possible that they are objects of ridicule.

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