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I am a "Marriage Supporter" - From whom do I require protection?

Frank Schubert
Frank Schubert in 2008 pandering to the faithful
for Proposition H8 in California
It is a predictable pattern. Brian S. Brown sends out a gimme and a day or so later, Frank Schubert, forwards the same email to the same recipients with his own comments added. Schubert, who is still the “political director” of National Organization for Marriage is a staunch Defender of the Faith. I guess that if NOM gets enough cash and enough of a cause, Schubert's firm can get back on the food line. The subject of Schubert's email is “FW: 🚹Protect Marriage Supporters Now!” I have no idea what that little graphic on the subject line is supposed to be.

According to Schubert:
Dear friend - Brian's email from Wednesday is a really important one that I hope you will take a minute to read if you haven't already (see below). I hope you can join the fight at this critical time.

With Neil Gorsuch now on the US Supreme Court, the Court has decided to consider one of the most important cases involving marriage since the ill-fated Obergefell case imposing gay 'marriage' on the nation . Ever since that outrageous ruling by a narrow majority of the Supreme Court, it's been open season on people of faith by LGBT extremists and their allies in Big Government. Now the Supreme Court has an opportunity to mitigate some of the damage their marriage ruling caused. It's imperative that we convince them to do so.
Of course anything is possible — particularly if Justice Kennedy retires — but I don't see how the Court would invalidate Colorado's nondiscrimination law. It would not shock me if Roberts ruled in favor of the respondent (the Colorado Civil Rights Commission). Barronelle Stutzman, the holier-than-thou bigoted florist, has now requested cert. I suspect that the two cases will be consolidated.

What is not speculative is that NOM will not affect the outcome of this case. They will file an amicus brief, along with scores of other religious organizations. It will get read by the clerks who will read the same phrasing in all the other briefs to the effect that wedding vendors are martyrs for the faith. They will assert that Jack Phillips serves gay people all of the time (how does he know?) and that he “politely” referred the couple to another baker. It's the same bullshit that we have been hearing for years — long before Obergefell was decided.

Schubert drones on:
The case that the Supreme Court will consider, Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, involves a Christian baker and cake artisan, Jack Phillips, who is perfectly willing to sell goods to gays and lesbians but is unwilling to devote his talents as a creative artisan to something that violates his deeply held beliefs, the celebration of a "wedding" that is in direct opposition to God's definition of marriage. This is perfectly within his rights under the First Amendment, but LGBT extremists and their allies in Big Government don't care about the constitution, they care about using the immense power of the state to force acceptance of their agenda.
Yeah, I forget. Phillips isn't a baker. He's a fucking “cake artist” for smearing butter-cream on spongecake. The Court will decide if his right to discriminate is protected by the First Amendment; not Schubert. In my mind, Free Exercise doesn't give one special rights to discriminate in violation of the law.

That said, we are not likely to be successful in this case, or in any of our other priority areas, without the strong support of you and other NOM members. Will you help us?
Money down the crapper
>>>> I'll chip in $15 to protect marriage supporters now!

>>>>I'll chip in $35.00 to protect marriage supporters now!

>>>>I'll chip in $50.00 to protect marriage supporters now!

>>>>I'll chip in $100.00 to protect marriage supporters now!

>>>>I'll chip in $250.00 to protect marriage supporters now!

>>>>I'll chip in $500.00 to protect marriage supporters now!
Schubert is full of crap. Donations to NOM will have no effect on this case. Schubert knows that he is full of crap but he does it anyway. Another special right that they believe they are entitled to is lying without consequences. Prevarication — bearing false witness — is just fine as long as it is done in defense of the Church. Schubert is nothing more elegant than a pimp.

Pretty soon they will be asking for money to pay for their “powerful” amicus brief. If the case depends upon that then they have already lost.
Pursuing this case before the Supreme Court is a critical element of NOM's four part strategy for the balance of the year. We also are working on urging the introduction of the First Amendment Defense Act into Congress, calling on the Trump administration to fulfill his campaign promises by issuing an Executive Order protecting marriage supporters, and mounting a strong public education campaign in support of the need to protect marriage supporters. Of course, we also are constantly at work pressing the case that the Obergefell decision must be reversed and marriage restored to our nation's laws.
A strategy is not a plan of action. NOM doesn't really do anything more than give out permissions slips to its supporters to be bigots. NOM's business model is to raise money to meet expenses of raising money and then raising more money, and so on. Brown has nine kids to feed and clothe.

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