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It's about children you imbeciles

Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer circa 2014
Gay and transgender children are in peril because some people want to conform the world to scripture. It is grotesque. It is also infuriating. These morons are endangering the very lives of innocent kids.

Monday, for example, Walt Heyer has a post at The Federalist titled: “Doctors Admit They Don’t Know Which Kids Should Gender Transition But Do It To Them Anyway.” That is false. Doctors do know which kids are better off with a social transition and doctors don't do it anyway. The child does. This we know. The subtitle of his moronic essay reads: “Anyone playing this ‘select-a-gender’ game with children is complicit in turning young psyches against themselves and the truth of who they are.”

It is not a game nor is it a gratuitous gender selection. It doesn't turn children against themselves and it acknowledges the truth of gender for a child with gender dysphoria. Heyer, who is in his 70s, was unhappy as a man and had sex reassignment surgery late in life, about 35 years ago. Unhappy as a woman, he had the surgery reversed about seven years later. Heyer remains an unhappy and unpleasant person. As a conservative Christian, Heyer is on a mission to prevent anyone else from getting treatment for gender dysphoria. Each and every success story proves that Heyer is a crackpot.

By the way, is there any rubbish that The Federalist will not publish? Who edits the outlet? Anyone? 

Heyer goes on to exploit the death of a child whom I have written about before. Heyer attributes the death to gender affirmation. Heyer knows nothing about the child but we do know that the trans boy was bullied at school, that he was marginalized by having to use a faculty bathroom and that he was growing up (or trying to grow up) in rural Alabama.

Before hawking some moronic conservative Christian anti-trans DVD we get this:
Some young people desire to identify as the opposite sex to escape the pain of a traumatic event or a perceived abandonment or loss. They subconsciously want to dissociate from who they are and become someone else. Gender change promises a fresh start, free from the past. Like many psychological coping mechanisms, however, gender change provides only a temporary reprieve.
The source of that pseudo-science is unknown. It is bizarre. Kids start to experience gender dysphoria very early in life. Before some adult tries to convince them that they are crazy they assert, quite matter-of-factly, what their gender is. There is no research to support Heyer's claims.

Then there is the equality claim which sounds like something out of National Organization for Marriage re-tooled:
Those who fight for the “rights” of people to find their “authentic self” and assist gender dysphoric people in changing genders, are the most vocal, vicious critics of the same gender dysphoric people who tried transitioning and found it didn’t work. Finding one’s authentic self is evidently a one-way trip. The same equality and protective laws, and indeed, the same compassionate attitude and legal assistance that advocates lavish on people who want to abandon their birth gender, should apply to those who are disillusioned with their gender pretending. But it doesn’t.
Heyer is fighting people who do not exist. Advocacy does not seek to enable people to be transgender. Advocacy seeks to accommodate trans people so that they enjoy Equal Protection. Moreover, I don't know anyone critical of people who revert their gender affirmation. I am critical of Heyer, not because he reversed his gender surgery, but because he is trying to conform the world to antique Christian texts and because his experience is not the same as the vast majority of people with gender dysphoria. Heyer has an agenda. I am also critical of Heyer because he is dishonest. He deliberately misstates opinion as fact and he willfully misconstrues factual information. Consider this:
For those who look on from afar and see the explosion of young people playing the game of “select-a-gender” remember: 45 percent of them will attempt suicide. Why? Because this emerging group of young gender changers are suffering from emotional, psychological, or social identity discomfort far deeper than new pronouns can rectify.
Again, it is not a game. I don't know what percentage will attempt suicide. Neither does Heyer. Several studies have now demonstrated that, with gender affirmation, children with gender dysphoria have levels of anxiety and depression found in children without gender dysphoria. The overwhelming factor in suicide is depression. If the research is representative then following Heyer's advice is deadly! Furthermore, this guy is not a trained mental health worker. Yet he presumes to be authoritative stating his opinion as scientific fact. Moreover, it's not a matter or new pronouns. Those are just a courtesy that we should all extend to trans people. Perhaps for Heyer it was just pronouns but that does not describe the transgender experience.

I am cisgender. I do the best I can. If I thought that Heyer was right then I would say so because I am deeply concerned for the welfare of LGBT kids. Being a proponent of LGBT rights means that I want LGBT people to receive the very best medical care. I have no agenda in that regard.

Why, by the way, would people who reverse their gender transition require protective laws and legal assistance as Heyer claims? Just how difficult is it to be cisgender? It reminds me of the vacuous arguments of ex-gay nut jobs.

The Federalist concludes this polemic with:
Walt Heyer is an accomplished author and public speaker with a passion for mentoring individuals whose lives have been torn apart by unnecessary gender-change surgery.
Accomplished? Heyer self-published some books that few people have read. Mentoring whom exactly? Are there people who received sex reassignment surgery who should not have? Sure. Heyer is possibly one of those. I don't know what kind of counseling he had in advance. What I am confident of is that children who see properly trained clinicians — people who work with these kids every day — are going to receive the best available medical treatment and advice.

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