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Stella Morabito takes on a child drag queen - Guess who wins?

Stella Morabito
Stella Morabito is a wonderful reverse barometer. In 2014 she claimed that the goal — the real purpose — of marriage equality was to abolish the institution of marriage entirely. How are we doing Stella? In February, 2016 Morabito asserted that the real purpose of the LGBT agenda was to silence dissent (apparently we need to try harder). Morabito has also opined that anti-bullying programs cause more bullying. In May of this year, she was attacking SPLC with little originality and great ineptitude.

In February, 2016 Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group, hosted a lecture by Morabito titled: “Bruce or Caitlyn? Why Everyone Should Care About the Transgender Movement.” Presumably the theologians at the Vatican are more reliable than science and medicine. Next time she is ill she should see one of those eunuchs.

Pre-teen Lactatia
Wednesday Morabito penned “How Mr. Rogers Would Help An Eight-Year-Old Drag Queen” for he favorite outlet, The Federalist. At issue is an eight-year-old drag queen who seems to be very smart, healthy, happy and secure. A drag queen is an entertainer. I have no idea whether or not her persona coincides with gender dysphoria nor is it any of my business. Not all drag queens are gay or trans. Let's not make assumptions. Morabito knows nothing about this child. Yet she assumes omniscience.
Exploitation of children is rampant today. Just check out this video posted to the Facebook page of LGBTinthecity. It’s an interview with eight-year-old drag queen “Lactatia,” who tells the audience “If you want to be a drag queen and your parents don’t let you, you need new parents!” At about 3:00 in the video you can watch him dance provocatively—or “twerk”—surrounded by a crowd of raucous adults at an LGBT nightclub event in Montreal.
I would say that the kid is having some fun. She seems to be very happy. Morabito has no way of determining that the child is being exploited. Some kids paint their nails black and want to be goths (they still do that, right?). Others play dress-up in a variety of rolls. It is all very healthy exploration that parents should support. Ms. Morabito doesn't approve because this has something to possibly do with gender and the pope doesn't approve — and that's just too damned bad.

I do not know if Morabito has any children. People like her tend to lead pointless lives in slavish devotion to ancient texts, raise neurotic children and then blame us for their shortcomings. But I digress. Her diatribe continues:
Some would say Lactatia is being authentic. No, he’s not. He’s projecting a persona. And it’s obviously a persona he’s been groomed to project. Insecure kids will imitate and recite practically anything that gets them positive reinforcement. This is especially true if they’ve never been taught to discern reality and think clearly.
I am impressed! Mind reading via a video posted to Facebook. That is quite a skill. Insecure? Are you fucking kidding me? Does this kid exhibit so much as a hint of insecurity. Insecure defines an LGBT child living in the closet in a conservative Christian family.
Another example of such behavior is the little boy twerking at an LGBT pride parade a couple of years ago. Or the eight-year-old whose performance in a New York pride parade was praised by Perez Hilton.
Morabito knows nothing about these kids. Chances are that they are just being themselves. Morabito disapproves and the false implication is that gay men are predators who are grooming these children. It is a common theme among religious conservatives. It is why they keep referencing these two videos, both of which are two years old.

There is also a double standard. If I describe a young boy as “adorable” that is suspect in some quarters. On the other hand if a straight man describes a teen girl as “gorgeous” no one gives it a second thought. Morabito continues:
Such performances aren’t enough to satisfy the LGBT lobby, though. Consider a new propagandistic “transgender toy” introduced to “teach” kids and parents that sex distinctions aren’t real. Trans activists are also pushing hard for laws that prohibit parents from even affirming their child’s biological sex.
She should read her own links:
A Canadian nonprofit is developing what they’re calling “the world’s first educational transgender toy” to get kids and parents talking about gender issues to stop transphobia before it develops in future generations.
That seems perfectly sensible although it is too late for Morabito. She is inextricably wed to the notion that gender identity is an invalid concept. She learned that from, well … you know. Let us not forget that Morabito is consistently at odds with established medical science. The “LGBT lobby” (whoever the hell that is) would be perfectly content if people would simply accept the science over superstition.

The amount of time and energy that we collectively waste entertaining and debating inane arguments from these fools regarding climate change, Evolution and human sexuality would be far better spent on solutions to some of the massive problems that our society faces.

The ignorance continues:
This is echoed not only in Lactatia’s proclamation that such parents should be replaced, but in recent laws that have actually been passed under the guise of anti-discrimination, such as in Illinois and in the Canadian province of Ontario. Those laws serve to seek out and dismiss any public employee who works with children but does not affirm transgenderism and homosexuality. They also serve to prohibit placing children into foster families who affirm biological sex differences.
I cannot responsibly speak to the Ontario law but the Illinois law is designed to prevent LGBT kids in the foster care system being placed with bigots and religious crackpots. It's not about the employees (oh, the poor Christians). Rather, it is about the children. Morabito is advocating what amounts to child abuse. what does any of this have to do with Morabito's subject?
What Would Mr. Rogers Say?

All of this recent activity has me wondering how the late Fred Rogers would react if he could survey this landscape. As host of the beloved public television show for young children, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” he appreciated the simplicity, innocence, and wonder of being a child.
“All of this recent activity” amounts to a video that Morabito doesn't like. Who the hell knows what Fred Rogers would say. He was a very gentle and caring man who died 14 years ago.
Some might interpret this to mean Rogers would have been a proponent of affirming transgenderism in children—perhaps therefore a strong proponent of injecting hormone blockers into them in preparation for an easier surgical transition. Or that he would support males using girls sports to tilt the playing field in their favor. Well, I beg to differ with such interpretations.
This woman has no clue. It is a scientific fact that some children have gender dysphoria for which there is no intervention known to medical science. Allowing children to transition relieves the anxiety and depression. In doing so it reduces the potential for self-harm and allows them to function normally. What alternative does Ms. Science propose? And what does this have to do with the drag queen she disapproves of?
Despite the coziness of the Fred Rogers Center with advocates of left-wing politics, if you search for the terms “transgender” or “gender identity” or “LGBT” on its website, all searches so far come up with “no posts found.” Maybe that’s because the foundation claims to be “staying true” to his vision and legacy. But maybe it’s just a matter of time before they pop up, since gender ideology inevitably marinates everything.
She cannot help herself. No scientist would ever use the phrase “gender ideology.” Those are the pope's words and the last time I checked he was not a board certified psychiatrist or clinician in any sense of the word. How is this surplus of verbiage over the Fred Rogers organization at all relevant to anything that she is obsessing over? A young drag queen that has sparked her outrage, right?
After all, the Obama administration made a point of enforcing transgenderism in all aspects of life …
What does that have to do with anything?
‘Everybody’s Fancy. Everybody’s Fine’

Rogers wrote his famous ditty “Everybody’s Fancy” in 1967. He continued singing it on his show into the 1990s. It’s about children’s discovery of differences between themselves and others, specifically their discovery of sex differences. At some point in early development, children realize that some people have penises and others don’t. Or, as Rogers put it: “Some are fancy on the outside. Some are fancy on the inside.”
Some people have both. Some people have ambiguous genitalia. What the fuck does this have to do with anything and why should we care?
The point of the song is to reassure children that these differences are not only natural, but something with which they should be completely at peace. That’s because we were all born “as a boy baby” or “as a girl baby.” Either way, Mr. Rogers assures every child that he or she is special. Children should not reject the physical reality of their bodies, but simply accept the reality so they can place their focus outward, on all of the marvels of the world.
The last sentence of the above is from Morabito, not Rogers. Children with gender dysphoria do accept the reality of their genitalia. That is what causes the discomfort. What is Morabito's solution for gender dysphoric children? What does she propose? How many kids have to die before she favors medical science over superstition? How many? Give us a number Stella so that we understand the threshold. How many dead kids can Stella tolerate?
Unfortunately, the gender ideology being mandated into so much sex education today urges children to obsess on sex differences as something that is not real for anybody, but “assigned at birth” for everybody. That would make Rogers’ song heretical and very politically incorrect. Just consider these lyrics:
I am not going to consider the lyrics because they are irrelevant to the drag queen who was the subject of Morabito's polemic. They are equally irrelevant to a trans kid. “Gender ideology” doesn't mean anything. It is inane pope-speak. From there, Morabito indulges in 968 words; 5,537 keystrokes on the importance of the ditty to, … something — I'm not entirely sure what that is.
How to Use One’s Imagination for Good

Today there is precious little talk about children actually using their imaginations. The difference between reality and fantasy is little noted. Maybe that’s because cyber technologies and devices create so many illusions, especially as we immerse ourselves in social media, cyber-graphics, and political correctness. Perhaps transgenderism is just a predictable outgrowth of our saturation with those illusions, an outgrowth of spending so much time obsessing within our own mental “neighborhoods of make-believe” without a healthy balance of time spent in reality.
What Morabito (whose education does not seem to include an MD) is claiming is that gender dysphoria is a figment of a child's imagination. Frankly, if anything were antithetical to imaginative thinking it would be religious conservatism. Our most talented techs, scientists and creative people don't seem to be obsessed with religion. Sure, there are exceptions but on the whole our greatest talent leans agnostic. And just how does one become the next Spielberg or Bill Gates? It all starts with imagination combined with diligence, discipline and intellect.

The reality that so offends Morabito is that there are children with incongruent sex and gender. One of them could become a future CEO of Apple. With the right skills and training it just takes some imagination — and tolerance. Their ego-strengths can be fortified through learning that the religious opprobrium has no foundation in the reality of medical science. Morabito is just part of the echo chamber of ignorance. It produces no sounds of real value. The lack of critical thinking becomes evident:
But the line has gotten so blurred and so confusing for children precisely because of today’s ideological agendas and polarization. Gender ideology doesn’t simply beckon children into a land of make-believe where they can change their physical sex if they just wish hard enough. It’s a one-way street that cuts off any escape hatch back to reality. This is not the exercise of healthy imagination, but more like cult programming.
This has nothing to do with ideology or an agenda. Morabito is projecting. As recently as ten years ago, it was believed that the best thing to do was to prevent children from becoming trans in the hope that they would revert. That hope was never realized. It produced miserable kids, dead children and equally miserable adults who wish that they transitioned earlier. Today we know better.

The percentage of children with gender dysphoria is probably about the same as it has always been. However, there are more trans kids because that reflects the current science.

I wrote recently about young Dr. Sari Reisner who is one of the most prolific researchers in this field. He is also on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and he is a scholar in residence at the Fenway Institute. He is highly respected. He also happens to be a trans man who had the intellect and imagination to overcome considerable oppression. Were I his parent I would be profoundly proud of my son. I would brag about his accomplishments. Where would Reisner be if parented by some imbecile like Morabito? Hard to say. She should give that some thought. She will not.

That kid, “Lactatia,” is infinitely smarter, more imaginative, less self-conscious and more accomplished than her detractor. She is going to have a very bright future as whatever she chooses to be. As a parent I would be damned proud of her too. She doesn't give two shits about the negativity surrounding her. The Facebook comments are simply repulsive.

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