Friday, July 21, 2017

"The Rainbow is Christian!" Who knew?

The folks behind Ark Encounter are now lighting their creation in rainbow colors at night. According to them:
The Ark is illuminated with rainbow colors in the evening as a testament to the true meaning of the rainbow. After the Flood, God designated the rainbow as the sign of His covenant to never again destroy the whole earth with water.
Steve Jordahl at American Family Association (a hate group) wrote about this with the title: “Proclaiming God's promise – not 'pride'” in case you don't appreciate the subtleties.

According to Jordahl:
These days the rainbow is more likely to be used as a symbol of pride for homosexuals and their supporters. But as Dr. Georgia Purdom with Answers in Genesis notes, it's actually a sign of God's promise following The Flood described in Genesis 6-9.

"Even though LGBT and those different organizations have kind of taken the rainbow and used it for their purposes, it's ours. It's Christian," she says. "It belongs to us, and that's why we want to do this."
I doesn't dawn on that three-watt bulb that were it a religious symbol, it would be Jewish, not Christian. There were no Christians if their account represents history. It would be more than 2,000 years (according their dating) before Christ.

Ark Encounter is dedicated to the proposition that dumbing down the populace is a very good thing. These are the Young Earth crackpots from Answers in Genesis who claim that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old — in spite of a mountain of evidence to the contrary. They also run the Creation Museum in case you require further diminished intelligence for your kids. They believe literally in the flood and the Ark.

Noah and Mrs. Noah face the same problems as Adam and Eve. To populate or re-populate the world a whole lot of incest is necessary. the folks at Ark Encounter seem to admit:
Noah’s wife is one of the more overlooked characters of the Bible, considering every one of us contains some of her DNA! But what would she have looked like, and what can we find out about her?
More pearls of wisdom:
If she were near Noah’s age, she could have been 600 years old when she boarded the Ark! But even if she were, she probably aged quite a bit better than we do today.
We know Noah’s wife was old enough to have three grown children, and she is an ancestor of every person on earth. She probably had a mixture of traits that some might associate with “race,” so it is likely that she was neither particularly pale nor dark.
Uh huh.
While we can all be traced back ultimately to Adam and Eve, we can look to Noah and his wife as humanity’s most recent common ancestors.
We would all have hemophilia. By the way, according to these folks the flood was in 2,348 BCE.

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